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Hyderabad is considered as the second largest city of the Sindh province. It is known as the former capital of Sindh and also serves as the head quarter of the Hyderabad district. 
Hyderabad is humid and hot city in the south of Sindh. As a doorway between the rural Sindh and the urban Sindh, Hyderabad invites students from the less central developed areas of Sindh. The city has a big number of universities, colleges, and schools.

At one time a hub of economic, educational and cultural activities, a upbringing ground of academicians, writers, philanthropists, lawyers, journalists, politicians, actresses and actor, Hyderabad also had its industrialists, bankers, political activists, trade unionists, diplomats and bureaucrats who made an important involvement to Pakistani society.

A former nerve center of literary movements and Sindhi nationalist, the city now has better education services and new educational institutes.

Study trend in Hyderabad in high and students wished to study abroad after getting Bachelor or Master degree program. Some students also have interest to study in international universities for diplomas or basic language programs. Top study abroad consultants of Pakistan have their presence in Hyderabad to recruit the student to in their desired foreign countries.

Hyderabad is the city where a large number of consultant available to facilitate the students regarding studying in foreign countries.

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