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study cost in australia


Australia offers very competitive study cost and excellent value for international students to a quality education. Tuition fees for international is students received early. These costs will vary depending on the course or institution, so the average cost given below should be used as a guide only.

Cost of study in a foreign country partly depends on the currency type of that country. Currency of Australia is Australian Dollar. That is about equivalent to 80 rupees. It also depends on field of studies you choose. For every program they have different fee structure

Vocational education and training in Australia offer a wide range of courses. Costs range from Australian $ 5,500 to $ 18,000, depending on the type and length of the course. Australia offers higher education by offering shorter, more intensive courses offer than other countries, thereby reducing the cost of living.

Estimated Tuition Fee in Australia


Fees (Dollars)

Fees (Rupees)

  Most Courses

AU$ 8,000 - AU$ 19,000

PKR 638,600 – PKR 1,516,800

  Science and Engineering

AU$ 15,000 - AU$ 26,000

PKR 1,197,500 – PKR 2,075,600

  Medicine and Dentistry

AU$ 25,000 - AU$ 36,000

PKR 1,995,800 – PKR 2,874,000

  Cost of Living (annually)

 AU$18,012 (approx.)

PKR 1,438,000



Expenses and their Weekly Cost


Cost (Dollar)

Cost (Rupees)

  Eating Out and Groceries

AU$80 - AU$200

PKR 6,300 - PKR 16,000

  Gas and Electricity

AU$60 - AU100

PKR 4,800 – PKR 8,000

  Internet and phone

AU$20 - AU$50

PKR 1,600 – PKR 3,400

  Public Transport

AU$10 - AU$50

PKR 800 – PKR 4,000


AU$50 - AU$100

PKR 4,000 – PKR 8,000