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Australia Makes Changes in Student Visa Policy for Pakistani Students

Australian education system is becoming critical of the quality of Pakistani students who are applying for student visas in Australian universities. The student will have to show financial stability in order to get admission in Australia.

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Reasons for change in the process:

These measures have been termed as a positive step in maintaining the standard of Australia’s student visa policy.

  • Increasing number of Pakistani students have failed to perform in exams, accused of misconduct, and plagiarism by the Australian universities.

  • Pakistani students either dropped out or cancelled admission to the Australian universities hence the seats used to fall vacant after the student left.

  • The students from Pakistan, India and Nepal have been termed as high risk students, even though the students receive admission still they may face visa refusal or cancellation due to some reasons, therefore wasting a seat in the university.

  • Greater number of Pakistani students are applying for protection visa each year.

  • Many student visa holders from Pakistan in Australia are becoming unlawful citizens.


Changes that have been made:

The changes were likely to occur in September ending but have been announced very recently in ending October and will be applicable to all student visa application from Pakistan.

  • According to the latest risk assessment status from department of home affairs the countries like Pakistan, India, Nepal have been assessed, and their risk status has been downgraded from level 3 to level 2.

  • The Pakistani students need to provide a proof of financial capacity, as high as 21,041 Australian dollars which amounts to about 2256067.57 Pakistani rupees.

  • This money must been shown as a way of fixed deposit and genuine savings.

  • The Pakistani student must be supported by a document of annual income of parents.

  • The IELTS requirements for Pakistani students are now 6.5.

  • Previously the Pakistani student seeking admission into an education provider of ratings one and two were not required to show English proficiency test scores or proof of financial funding but now these things are generalized for all student applications from Pakistan.

  11,397 students from Pakistan, together with those from India and Nepal comprise of 28 % of population of international students in Australia would all be affected.

Australia was one of the most popular destinations for Pakistani students and their Australian awards scholarship, one of the most sought after scholarship, now a downgrade is coming its way in 2020, with this news breaking.


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