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Corona Vaccine Encourages International Students To Start Their Study Plans

Under the influence of the Corona Pandemic, the study abroad session 2020/2021 throughout the world has greatly been affected. Most of the students halted their study abroad planning because of the travel restrictions and classes moved to the online mode of education. The Corona threat has decreased the rate of study abroad applications from across the world. But the hope of the Corona vaccine has also encouraged hope to international students to start their study abroad plans. Almost a quarter of international students are looking to move forward with their study abroad plans after hearing the news of the Corona vaccine.


Survey To International Students

QS has surveyed 887 prospective international students from different countries around the world. The countries are included in Pakistan, China, India, the UK, and the USA. This survey revealed that almost a quarter or 21% of international students have shown that with the introduction of the potential coronavirus vaccine they have obtained encouragement to start rethinking their study abroad plans.  


Current Study Abroad Situation

Some universities from different countries did not affect at all by the reduction of the international enrolments as many other universities were under the fear of the reduction rate of the international students or enrolments at the start of the academic year. However, a significant proportion of the current international students had not travelled to their destination because of some genuine reasons such as a lack of face to face teaching or travel restrictions. However, both of the situations can tackle easily with the arrival of the Corona vaccine.

However, the survey has also revealed that some 43% of international students have not changed their minds after hearing the news of the Corona vaccine. Students are saying that it is not yet clear that when the vaccine will completely be developed and available. However, a survey by QS before the Corona vaccine news has shown that almost 45% of international students were feeling comfortable to travel and start their overseas education if the on-campus option will be resumed. However, in this research, 43% of international students are also calculated who are saying that they would plan their studies or travel overseas once the vaccine will be developed completely and available easily.


Start Your Study Abroad Application

Students who are still under the ambiguity that what they should choose now, must keep a thing into mind that the vaccine development process has started, and soon the vaccine of Coronavirus will be launched officially. However, once the vaccine will be developed and available then the disease will surely be weakened and will not a threat at all.

So, students must prepare their application for the next or upcoming study session. Whatever destination you have decided you can get the complete detail and consultancy that how you can manage your application and get admission in your desired study program with the help of the best study abroad consultants available here. So, send us your query today and get the potential solution from the experts.


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