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Don't worry. Your Study Abroad Schedule is not Going to be Affected by Coronavirus. This is How

Were you intended to apply for study abroad for the 2020 academic session, but Covid-19 has disrupted your plan? Well, you are counseled that do not be worried at all because it is still entitled to go abroad for study purposes. Examine that how your study abroad schedule can be possible under the Coronavirus condition:

1.       The Impact Of COVID-19 On Studying Abroad

The recent report has said that under the light of Covid-19 only 4.7% of students have bent their minds to cancel their study abroad plans in 2020.

Approximately 47% of students who returned to their homes due to the Coronavirus pandemic have decided to resume their study abroad schedule at later dates.

Currently, at least 60% of students studying abroad are interested to continue their studies as online programs during Covid-19 or in later dates.

2.       Keep Continue Your Application Process

Students who have completed their early education and have decided to schedule the study abroad plan in 2020, are informed that there is still hope for them to start their study abroad journey. Most of the foreign universities especially the universities of the European destinations start their admission processes in September or October.

The current stats of the disease are saying that within May or June the disease will be covered to a large extent. So, applicants are suggested to continue their admission applications. However, unfortunately, if we would see an extension in the lockdown period or if the disease would not be under control, then students have another option under which they can apply for January or February semester. So, do not lose hope and get prepared yourself to start your study abroad journey.

corona effects

3.       Pandemic Is Going to End

Indeed the whole of the world is suffering from a cruel disease. But, the disease is controllable. The example of which we can take from Wuhan city China. Wuhan city is considered as the point from which the disease took birth. But after going through the strict precautions the city has controlled the disease at a large magnitude. Wuhan city has broken the lockdown and the life routine is now normal there. However, there are no new cases are coming to see.

If we talk about Pakistan, the graph of Pakistan, in measuring the effects of the virus, is high. On the 26th of February, the first case came to see in Pakistan. The prediction chart was showing that the disease would cover a large number of communities within a short time duration. But because of following the precautionary steps, fortunately, Pakistan has controlled the disease and made the predictions wrong. So, the circumstances will better soon and life will go under normal routine in the coming dates.

4.       Choose Destination Less Affected By Covid-19

However, here we come with another best tip for all the Pakistani students who are willing to go abroad for higher education but are still afraid of the coronavirus. Students are suggested that choose that study abroad destinations that are least affected by this disease. The world analysis has revealed that 87 countries in the world are least affected by the disease.

In the list of these countries, Russia, New Zealand, Estonia, Malta, Latvia, Slovakia, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, South Africa, Venezuela, and Croatia, etc. are considered as the best study abroad destinations of the world. So, you are advised to apply in any one of them.    

5.       Get prepared By

Students who are still interested to apply for study abroad are offered best wishes and are highly appreciated and encouraged by the team of Studyaboard. Students who are still confused to start their study abroad application are invited here to get the complete consultancy from Pakistan’s best study abroad consultants, to apply a safe application to get an approach to the destinations of their dreams.


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