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F1 Visa Is No Longer Available For International Students In The USA

The US Government has announced that almost all the higher education universities in the US are intended to start online classes for the students. Students who are going to attend online classes are not allowed to hold an F1 visa to stay in the US rather they have to leave the US because of the pandemic. The Government of the US has taken this decision to control the spread of the virus in the country.


The Final Decision For Student Visa Holders

Recently it is declared by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that all the international students holding an F1 visa (for academic studies) and M1 visa (for non-academic and vocational studies) who are planning to take online classes are not allowed to further stay in the US. A number of US universities are planning to shift their classes into the online mode of education for the fall semester due to pandemic, Covid-19. Fall semester, normally, starts in September by almost all types of universities.

However, the ICE has clearly stated that the students whose educational institutes are prepared to conduct online classes have to leave the US, otherwise, they have to find out other ways to have stay in the US. The ICE has also stated that students have to leave the country immediately, otherwise, they have to transfer their study program to the institute which is offering in-person education to keep themselves under the lawful status.


f1 usa study visa information for Pakistani students


America A Worldwide recognized Study Abroad Destination

With the increasing number of international students in the US, the US is considered as the top study abroad destination in the world. From almost all over the world, international students are landed in America for higher education purposes. In this race, China is considered the number one country from where students move to America, and India is considered as the second largest country from where the international students move to America. However, it is a horribly news for the students because students cannot take all the classes online and online classes are entirely different than that of the on-campus education.


Mode Of Travel Is Also Disrupted

Right from the awake of this pandemic the global travel system has also disrupted very badly. There are no proper means of traveling. Where students are getting difficulty to continue their studies, at the same time, students are also facing the disruption in travel. Throughout the situation, it has seen that the students are going through horribly condition right now. Students who are not able to travel are asked to change their status to visitors for having stayed there in the US. But the first thing is that the visitor status is short term and secondly it is not confirmed that the status would be changed or not.  

A professor of epidemiology at Boston University, Ellie Murray said on Twitter that “This idea is wildly a horrible idea for the students in the middle of the pandemic”. Well, no one confirms that how much the world would suffer from this pandemic and when the situation would come to equilibrium form. Well, students are advised to be patient and try to cope with the current situation. However, for all other updates regarding study in the USA and The US Students Visa info, the students or all other users are advised to keep visiting


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