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Here See How Much Tuition Fees World’s Best Universities Cost


You must know about the most top ranked universities of the world. These are the institutes where every student in the world wishes to get admission. These institutes have some very high standards and merit that makes it very difficult to approach them. A student enrolled in one of the top ranked university is sure to have a bright career ahead of him/ her. 

If you have not seen the latest QS Ranking of top universities of the world, I suggest you see the following link. Have you ever wondered how much tuition fees world’s best universities charge. I was very curious about it so I researched and here I am sharing it with you guys.


HERE SEE: Top 100 Ranked Universities of 2018 by QS



10 -   ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Located in Switzerland, Zurich; ETH Zurich is world’s 10th and Europe’s 4th best university. Switzerland doesn’t cost much study fees. This is ETH Zurich is top university with the lowest tuition fee. Of all these students more than 37 percent are foreigner which manifests its global reputation. If you like this university here see more about ETH Zurich.


Type of fee


Tuition fee per semester

US $615

Other compulsory semester fee                                                      

US $70

 -   Academic Sports Association Zurich (ASVZ)

US $31

 -   Scholarship fund

US $7



9 -    University of Chicago

Located in United States of America, University of Chicago is ranked 5th best higher educational institute of its country. It is also ranked world’s 9th best institute. There are over 21% international students currently enrolled at University of Chicago. If you want to study in this university, here learn more about University of Chicago.










Student Life Fee






8 -   Imperial College London

Imperial College London is located in United Kingdom. It is ranked 4th best higher educational institute of its country and 8th best of the world. Following tables shows annual tuition fees for year 2017 - 2018 at Imperial College London.



European Students

International Students

Computer Science & Engineering

US $10,500





European Students

International Students

Computer Science (MSc)

US $15,270


Engineering (MSc)

US $13,600




7 -   UCL (University College London)

QS ranked University College London world’s 7th best university to study in 2018. It is currently 3rd best university of United Kingdom. More than 29 Nobel Prize winners and 3 Fields medalists have been UCL alumni or staff. Here learn more about this university and how you can get admission UCL.


Tuition Fee



for most Education programs


for most Linguistics programs


for most Arts, Humanities and Social Science-based programs


for Laws


for most Economics programs


for Arts and Sciences (BASc) programs


for most Mathematics programs


for most Statistics programs


for most Science programs


for most Architecture programs


for most Archaeology, Engineering and Astrophysics programs


for Fine Art;


for Medicine (£21,960 for the integrated BSc year).

£19,010 – £25,890

MRes programs

£14,370 – £43,930

Other Master's programs



6 -   University of Oxford

Despite being world’s 6th top ranked institute, University of Oxford is still most famous and most respected around the world. It is ranked United Kingdom’s 2nd best university. Program with lowest tuition fee at Oxford is History that cost around £9 thousand while all other programs including undergraduate and postgraduate have the tuition fees defined in below table. Here is Guide to Get Admission at Oxford University.


Fee status

Annual tuition fee payable by student

Annual college fee payable by student


Between £15,755 and £23,190*







5 -   University of Cambridge

Rival of Oxford, University of Cambridge is world’ 5th and UK’s top ranked institute. They have a total of 18,605 students of which 35% are international with the ratio of 45% females and 55% males. Their acceptance rate is less than 21% of students. Following table shows tuition fee for overseas students who wish to study in 2018 at Cambridge. Here learn more about University of Cambridge, its achievements and application procedure.






Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic; Archaeology; Asian and Middle Eastern Studies; Classics; Economics; Education; English; History; History of Art; History and Modern Languages; History and Politics; Human, Social, and Political Sciences; Land Economy; Law; Linguistics; Modern and Medieval Languages; Philosophy; Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion






Architecture, Geography, Music



Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Engineering, Management Studies, Manufacturing Engineering, Natural Sciences, Psychological and Behavioral Sciences



Medicine, Veterinary Medicine




4 -   California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

California Institute of Technology is located in Pasadena, California, United States of America. It is currently ranked 4th best higher educational institute of its country and the world. there are only 2,181 students enrolled in Caltech of which 27% are foreigners. It has an Acceptance Rate of just 9%.It is considered most difficult university to get admission. Following table shows an approximate annual cost of studying and living in CALTECH. Here learn more about CALTECH.



Domestic & International Students

All Undergraduate Programs

US$48,111 + $1,797 (mandatory fees)

All Postgraduate Programs

US$48,111 + $1,605 (mandatory fees)



3 -   Harvard University

Ranked world’s 3rd best institute, Harvard University is located in United States of America. Currently there are over 20,000 students studying at Harvard. It has an acceptance rate of only 6%. It has graduated many world leaders and it is often referred to as President’s university. Here is everything a student must about Harvard University.


2016 - 2017

Dollars (annual)

PKR (annual)


US$ 45,278

PKR 4,744,455


US$ 41,832 (for years one and two)

US$ 10,876 (for years three and four)

PKR 4,383,366 (for years one and two)

PKR 1,139,641 (for years three and four)



2 -   Stanford University

Stanford is ranked Second Best higher educational institute of its country and the world to study in 2018 by QS Ranking. It also holds the title of largest university campus in the world and whole of it maintained beautifully. Following table is courtesy of QS topuniversities show the tuition fees at Stanford for the year 2017 - 2018. Here see How and Why Study at Stanford University.



Domestic & International Students

All UG programs:

US$48,987 ($16,329 per quarter)

Summer tuition fees (optional):




Domestic & International Students


US$52,188 ($17,396 per quarter)

Most other PG programs:

US$48,987 ($16,329 per quarter)

Summer tuition fees (optional):




1 -   Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT is currently ranked world’s best university to study in 2018 by QS Ranking. It has been one of world’s most prestigious universities for many decades. Following table shows the tuition fees at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Here learn more about MIT.



Domestic & Foreigner Students

All Undergraduate Programs


Most Postgraduate Programs






Usama Ahmed Awan

The Editor of, Usama is a BZU studied Software Engineer, now  a Teacher, Article Writer, Educational Counselor and Journalist. He has been  writing to assist students selecting the right career path.


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