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See Worst Study Abroad Destinations for Job Opportunities

Most people get to study abroad only once in their lifetime. Since it is once in a lifetime experience, we should make the best of it. Any mistake here can cause a great deal of loss. Most important decision to be taken here is choosing a good study abroad destination that has everything according to your requirement and imagination. A country is not like a school that if you don’t like it you can just change and go to another one. This may be possible only if your parents are filthy rich, you are carefree and willing to lose at least one year of your life. But why bother? Better safe than sorry.

The point here is that choosing a study abroad destination wisely is very important and you must put struggle and thought into it. So the question is what does a student want to see in his/her study abroad destination? It includes more than one notions like

1.     Country’s Language,

2.    Country’s Environment,

3.    Universities Ranks,

4.    Cost and Expenses,

5.    Career Opportunities etc.


In this article, I am going to cover answer one of your questions in choosing study abroad destination. Some students want to know whether they have the opportunity to stay and work in that country after completing the education. Here I am going to discuss the worst countries for job opportunities that are study abroad destination. Let’s start with the worst countries.

United States of America

Here is something that might not have expected because United States is currently the best and top ranked study abroad destination with the best of universities, achievements and educational facilities. If you want quality education in a good institute with diverse culture; I would say USA is your country.

USA is the country with most international students studying there at present. . It is not only home to world’s best universities but it has developed a higher education that has proved second to none and provides a untainted quality of education that one cannot find in any other country. Of Top 10 universities in the world, 5 are located in United States.

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However, when it comes to those who wish to stay here even after the graduation and make a living; It may not be the best choice. There are already many foreigner and international student here. You will find all languages, cultures, colors and nationalities here but the problem is you will a little too much of these. Natives and government don’t really like either despite what they say in their political speeches. Therefore, job opportunities and getting a permanent residency has become difficult here. USA is no longer the place where you would go to make a career and find a job. Because of the big population of foreigners the competition has become tough and opportunities lack in proportion.

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Still, you are provided the opportunity to stay, work and gain experience there. With the F1 visa you can apply for OPT (Optional Practical Training) which allows you to stay in United States for a year after completing the study course. This stay can also be extended for the students of Technology, Science, Engineering, and Mathematics.


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United Kingdom

United Kingdom also has somewhat similar situation and causes to United States. You must be aware that after USA, United Kingdom is considered second best study abroad destination with second most top 100 universities here and countless achievements in the field of education. For education and learning, UK is indeed the best. However, it is worst study abroad destination for job opportunities.

It started a few years ago, British government realized and almost all of the students that come for education, never leave. They would find a job, get permanent residency or citizenship and make a living in UK. This had really increases the population and it was causing lack of opportunities in all fields even for natives. Right after the press release, government took some really strict actions. They altered the immigration policy making it difficult and limited the working hours for international students.

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There was a time when students could avail the opportunity Post Study Work visa which, as you can guess by name, was for temporary stay to do gain professional experience after completing the study course. Now, you Non-European students can’t apply for Post Study Work visa. These actions were vivid manifestation of rudeness against international students that UK have had enough of them. Since then you can’t easily get permanent residency, not many opportunities are offered and foreigner students are sent back as soon as they complete their degree. By now you must have gotten the idea why UK has become worst study abroad destination for job opportunities.


Ironically, in our list of worst study abroad destination, Australia is a Fourth Best Study Abroad Destination after USA and UK. All of these top study abroad destinations are worst for the students who seek job and career opportunities in the same country they graduate. Now to why Australia is in this list. No doubt Australia is a wonderful place for not only study but also tourism. It has a huge number of beautiful landscapes and beaches for tourism. It is like a perfect place for a student to spend some years of his/ her life.

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But being too good caused some problems, in first hand because it attracted more international students than the job or career opportunities it can offer. In addition, there were assault cases to international students. In 2009, 152 Indian students in Australia were assaulted or harassed which also degraded its value. However, It is now in a speedy recovering process and has also made some changes in policies to attract international students. Still that doesn’t increase the number of job opportunities.


Usama Ahmed Awan

The Editor of, Usama is a BZU studied Software Engineer, now  a Teacher, Article Writer, Educational Counselor and Journalist. He has been  writing to assist students selecting the right career path.


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