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Study Abroad Programs During covid-19 for International Students

What students need to know.

Students who desire to study abroad must know that all colleges and Universities abroad are emphasising more on online information and most of them are increasing deadlines for admissions, as a result of Covid- 19. Pakistani students are advised to go to International Univerisities page of their opted college or university. The other option can be calling the prospective Institute directly.

Impact of covid-19 on study abroad for Pakistani students

Due to epidemic, there are restrictions on travel all over the world and Pakistani students have suffered this situation immensely. Many procedures are put to halt. Pakistani students studying abroad are seen perplexed. More than 100,000 casualties have been reported by covid-19 so far. Hence, several countries are enforcing safety measures; seize of  flight operations is one of the measures taken by the countries affected by corona virus.

Financial aid

It is mandatory for Pakistani students to keep an eye on any financial assistance offered by international colleges and Universities, and they ought to outline wise approach for academic career  abroad. Many dream study locations yearned by Pakistani students , are struck by the pandemic, such as UK, US, Canada and Australia.

effects of corona for Pakistani students

Things to follow by Pakistani students in closure by Corona virus

As academic system has been paused, the students should browse for online instruction, plans and guideline by the respective International institutes. With the spread of novel coronavirus worldwide, academic institutes have already begun virtual education methods to decline the spread of covid-19. During the chaos there is one online services by colleges and Universities to switch physical classes to virtual. All students need to join LMS that is learning management system, a platform where they not only avail huge course material, get their assignments marked, but also seek services for academic purposes. This is kind of students’ classroom. The Educational Institutes are managing to teach students all the process and  method of using LMS beforehand so that, the pupils may know how to engage in LMS activities well before the specific course starts.

For online learning, some factors are imperative

1) Speedy internet connection, computer and cell phone are essential for online learning.

2) if internet speed is slow, students can download the study material.

3) it is important for the pupils to follow devoted routine to learn online.


IELTS exams postponed.

Study abroad language assessment tests have been postponed. It is noteworthy that language proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL will not be conducted till June and all tests scheduled for April and May have been delayed and will be rescheduled in the month of June. British Council and AEO have announced this officially.

Most of popular International study destinations namely, UK, Canada,USA , Germany and Australia have suspended all educational affairs currently and may extend admission deadlines full stop it is more likely that many countries will change previous system of admissions and will launch altered procedures for international students. All Pakistani students, therefore, are advised to contact respective admission offices by leaving emails for the concerned departments.


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