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This Is How International Students Choose Australia Over The UK, US, and Canada?

Because of the loss of international students, Australian universities are suffering from revenue and job losses. According to an estimation reported by Mitchel institute, the education sector may lose up to AUD19 billion in the coming 03 years, however, over 20,000 jobs are at risk in the coming 06 months, and more after that.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared on April 3rd, 2020 that if the international students couldn’t support them, they have to return to their homes. However, the critics claimed that such a frivolous attitude from the government’s side, if they won’t support international students, would cause Australia to lose its world-class reputation.


Australia Restarts Granting Visas To International Students

The Australian government has announced that on Monday it will restart granting visas to international students. From February 1st, 2020, Australia banned travel from China, and a large number of international students deprived of higher education plans from Australia. At that time all the English language competitors of Australia including the US, the UK, and Canada were allowed international students to stay and complete their education. This is the reason that those countries or universities did not face such a huge loss in revenue. But, universities from these countries also make the strategies to offer online education to complete the semesters of the students.

Students are offered online education but most of the students criticized this idea because they wanted to get on-campus studies because living in a multicultural environment is one of the main benefits of international students.


How The Competitor Countries Are Dealing International Students    

The US, the UK, and Canada are the main competitor countries of Australia and see how these countries are dealing with international students:



The US comes as one of the main competitors and as compared to all other competitors the US is still suffering from the Covid-19 and due to increasing cases of Corona, the USA is not taking the responsibility of reopening the campuses.

There are 53% of universities are considering teaching in person in September. 11% of universities are planning to teach online, 32% of universities are planning to teach a mix of online and in-person education, and 4% of universities had not decided yet.         


The UK

UK Universities show a similar position like Australian universities. The UK is also encouraging and facilitating international students to restart their higher education in the UK. But, unlike Australia, the UK doesn’t impose travel restrictions on international students and are welcoming international students from China and other countries. Moreover, the UK is also offering job retention schemes and business loans to the students to support them. This is the reason that the UK is still listed under the most attractive destination for international students.



Canada also supports financially to international students and this one of the distinctive advantages of Canada to be a competitive among the competitors. Like Australia, Canada will also grant international students with permits. But it won’t be a favorite destination for the international students until it would allow international students to start in-person education.


What Australia Should Do?

In order to be competitive among the competitors, Australia should update the students on the issues of admissions requirements, admissions dates, study, and accommodation options. Australian universities should be clear about the study conditions while addressing the students that what benefits they can get from Study in Australia. However, for all other updates regarding study abroad keep in touch with         


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