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This is How Your Study Abroad Plan will be Affected due to Corona Virus Pandemic

Corona Virus or else known as COVID-19 start spreading 3 months ago through China from the city of Wuhan. After that it didn’t limit itself to just that city or China till today, 171 countries are affected by this Novel disease including Pakistan. Right now Pakistan has 291 Patients detected positive to COVID 19 and just in Sindh 203 patient’s lies. These are the recent statements of the Corona Virus Outbreak.

According to worldOmeter new report this Novel Virus has infected over 12 lakh people all over the world. Over 40,000 thousands of them are dead and near 2 lakh people are recovered. This means that this virus has just a 2.1% death ratio and if you guys take proper precaution you can save yourself from it.

Effect of Corona Virus on study all over the planet

As the outbreak of Coronavirus is becoming larger by Day Pakistan government decided to take the situation seriously. They have shut down all the places that usually were crowded. Section 144 is imposed which means that gathering of 4 people will be punishable. Imposing this situation requires to shut down all educational institutes as well. Just like Pakistan all the other countries also place a temporary suspension of classes in their institutes. All those students who are thinking to start their education online are facing many difficulties to fulfill their dreams. Studying abroad is a great thing and it will help you in your future career but until this situation is out of control all international admissions are held by institutes.

 So, till 5 April all educational institutes are closed temporarily and if the situation gets worse there is a chance that this curfew can prolong. On the other hand, different countries have different duration of educational institute class suspension.

  1. Educational institutes are closed

Corona Virus outbreak led to unnecessary holidays for the students. This has created a huge gap between study and students. Right now students are taking this matter as a blessing but unfortunately, they don’t know the negative effects of these holidays. So, in these circumstances all those students who want to study abroad.

 All these unnecessary holidays will make students miss lectures and even put a dent on their academic schedule. There is a chance that it can delay abroad admissions even further which will misbalance the study routine of a student. The UK has closed all its educational institutes till March which shows the struggle and the impact of COVID-19 on studying abroad in Europe.

  1. Unwanted delay in studies

This is one of the biggest impacts that COVID-19 is producing on the life of students who wish to study abroad. The effect of corona on abroad students. It has been shaped into a devastating situation. This is going to create a delay in the studies of students.

All those students who have already apply for different universities in the institutes are on hold on their admission procedure. Until this virus is handled by authorities these students will never get to live their dreams of studying abroad.

  1. Students can’t take lectures

Now, the board exams are on the verge students need more time in the lectures. Due to COVID-19 students are limited to their homes and can’t attend any lectures. So, that entire concept that is foggy in their mind cannot clear without the help of a teacher. Some universities trying to start online lectures but they are not as effective as they should be and this is just limited to universities no other institutes.

Students who are already enrolled for the abroad study in different institutes is now can’t take lectures because of the lockdown. They are forced to take lectures online from their homeland. This is not providing them the proper study abroad experience.

  1. Traveling Abroad is restricted

Right now no country is allowing any foreign travelers to enter their territory and Coronavirus shatters study abroad dreams of many. This means that students are not allowed to fly abroad for their studies. All the flights are canceled and just like other countries Pakistan has also canceled international flights.

effects of corona virus

How to recover from this situation

Recovering from this situation requires proper discipline and dedication. Here we are going to discuss some ways through which you guys can recover from this abroad study crisis.

Take online lectures.

This is one of the best things that you can do right now for the betterment of your studies. There are multiple online education portals are available on the web like If you can’t lose any time than it is better for you to start your lectures online through these university portals.

Wait for the proper time

Now, it’s not the time to get anxious and put your energy to go abroad. Eventually, the scientists are working day and night to produce a vaccine for this virus. There is so much hope that these crises are going to get resolved very soon. So, until then it is wise to wait for the proper time to apply for the admission.


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