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i want to know can we do job in Turkey while studying i am quite ready to apply there !! its this only 1 thing that puzzling me !! i have asked the consultant he tells me the we can do job in Turkey but on internet it says we cant sencondly how much does a average job pays in Turkey!!?? i will be very gratefull for your prompt reply!! regards Abdul Samad

Date: 12/4/2012 Category:Study Abroad Consultant Asked By:Abdul Samad


syeda Rafia Says:

Yes you can work but not in first year of study And for a single worker without any children, it will be net 891 Turkish Liras monthly, which is approximately 306 euros or $414. In Turkey, the minimum wage is updated twice annually. In the first half of 2014, it was net 846 liras. As a matter of fact, the minimum wage has been raised by 5.3 percent.

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