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study cost in germany

Before getting admission the first question comes in mind that what does this cost?  It can be possible that a candidate may not submit the fee of single term rather of whole course. The course can be expensive in international universities comparatively the residence/home country.

But don’t be worried! German Education won’t affect your wealth and you can manage it by following the steps. Neither you are born with a silver spoon in the mouth nor you have to pay financing debts whole life.
How much it is expensive to Study in Germany?

Tuition fees (if applicable)

Over all, German Federal Government provides funds from primary to University level in public institution. In 2010, as many as 5 of the 16 states of Germany took tuition fees at state funded institutions while 11 among 16 states still provide tuition free of charge.

  1. No tuition fees in some states
  2. € 500 for second degree or continued/prolonged study duration
  3.  € 500 to get the first university degree in several states

For more and exact details visit the respective university portal for tuition fee for the relevant course. Each university follows its own schedule and criteria and it can be varied from university to university.

Semester contribution

University students pay semester contribution depending on the services it includes. This is university particular ranging from €200 to €350. Get the exact details and information at University portal.

For an overview, semester contribution may include

  1. Social fees
  2. For social services like dining halls for students, accommodations, athletic services and administrative dues
  3. Liability insurance
  4. Covers & compensates unplanned damages to third party
  5. Student Union contribution
  6. Membership fee to the Student Union
  7. Semester ticket
  8. It permits unlimited practice or usage of public transportation, in and around the university town.
  9. Hinging on the city and choices of ticket the worth of this ticket can be changed from € 25 to € 150

Basic living expenses

Yet there are many standardized living places while the expenses are almost similar to countries in Western Europe. Living outlay mainly hinge on the lifestyle, city and type of accommodation. According to statistics, Germans spend 1/3rd of their income on accommodation payments. In summary, an estimate of €450 would be needed for student for economical and modest living.

  1. Living expenses include (Conservative estimate)
  2. Rent & Utilities: €200
  3. Private accommodation > €300
  4. Shared flat or Student residence around €200
  5. Internet & Mobile phone - €30
  6. Mobile flat rate - €15
  7. Internet DSL flat rate - €15
  8. A section is fixed for a thorough inquiry of mobile & DSL bonds
  9. Health insurance - €60
  10. A section is fixed for a thorough of general health insurance selections
  11. Food & Drinks - €125
  12. Miscellaneous expenditure - €50

The above mentioned assessment doesn’t include tuition fee, semester ticket, social contributions, and allowances for dining, travelling, sports and anything except anything mentioned above.