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how to apply for uk study visa

 Following are some documents that are required to get the visa for UK:

  1. Original passport with one copy(s) (Passport should be valid for next six months at least)
  2. Original Identity Card (ID) along with copy(s)
  3. Acceptance letter by a university of UK which is approved by UK border agency. University will issue a CAS after paying a specified (varies according to university rules) percentage of fee.
  4. Don’t forget to take the receipt of fee, that you have paid university/college/institute.
  5. Bank statement will be required to show that you have enough money to study abroad and you can meet you expense of living too.
  6. 4 passport size recent photographs
  7. Original IELTS/TOEFL  score report.
  8. Original educational and non–educational documents should be attested by IBCC and HEC.
  9. Health certificate will be required.

To apply for a student’s visa you will have to submit your visa application at the nearest British High Commission or embassy in your country. Your visa application along with all the necessary documents and the visa processing fee will be accepted and placed to Entry Clearance Officer for decision. Make sure you submit one extra copy for each document to avoid any misfortune in case of losing some document. 

After submitting visa application may be the British High Commission will call you for an interview. But if you have the evidence of your previous visit in UK,US or Canada in last 10 years, may he will not call you for any interview.  Along with this a biometric test will also be taken which includes your photographs and finger prints.

After fulfilling these requirement if you will be successful in satisfying the Entry Clearence officer you will get your visa.