Benefits and Advantages of Studying Abroad in United Kingdom

  • 15/12/2016
  • By Usama Ahmed

1 -   Best Quality of Education:
United Kingdom has been on top of world in higher education for centuries. When other countries did not even have the concept of school, United Kingdom was busy building universities like Oxford and have always maintained the best quality of education.
Unlike Pakistan, United Kingdom’s first priority is educating the students in the best way possible instead of focusing on business. One educated from UK is always considered more educated than any other.
Education Is The Most Powerful Tool You Can Use To Change The World.” - Nelson Mandela

2 -   Best Student Attraction:
United Kingdom is the best student attraction in the world. A great number of international students are currently being educated there. Because of their top universities, world recognized degree and best quality of education, UK is always the first choice of every student.
19% of total population of students in UK is international. There are 436,585 students from outside the UK coming to study in the UK. Surprisingly, 51% international students in UK for higher education are female and 49% are males.

3 -   You can Study Anything:
There are over 105,000 courses taught in 700 universities of United Kingdom. Basically, there is no course that is not taught in UK. If you can’t study a course there, you will not find it anywhere else in world.
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That is why, it is said that you can study anything or everything in UK. There are over 3000 courses just for English subject. All these courses also includes some weird courses that are totally peculiar. Did you know there is a full-time course taught on Harry Potter in Durham University of UK?

4 -   Numerous Scholarship Opportunities:
Scholarships, grants, fellowships, financial awards, loans etc. There are numerous financial support options for international students who wish to study in UK. Other than government provided scholarships, there are also many private organizations who grant scholarships and funding for students who don’t have the financial capability of meeting their education expenses. There are more Scholarships in UK than any other country.
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Demand for scholarships is always greater than supply, to increase your chances of receiving the scholarship you should apply as early as you can. The British Council controls a part of many scholarship and funding schemes. See all United Kingdom scholarships at Keep yourself updated with latest scholarships opportunities at Study Abroad Scholarships.

5 -   Stand Out from the Crowd:
United Kingdom has the world’s most recognized degrees. As you must be aware that United Kingdom has been best in education for centuries and has always maintained its education quality. This is no secret but a universally recognized fact, this is why, its degrees are more valued than any other country’s.
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UK education highlights you in crowd, you are always more preferred for any job or other research projects. World’s most famous and recognized University of Oxford is also in UK, where every student dreams of going.





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