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Funny and Weird Facts about Oxford University You must Read


1-   Hitler and Oxford:


In World War 2, Hitler of Germany and Churchill of Britain were main leaders. While both countries were bombing each other’s heart out, Hitler had ordered not to destroy the Oxford University. Hitler himself was an admirer of this institute and wanted this to be his prize when he conquers the England. It is also said that he wanted to make Oxford his headquarters. But later he decided not to do it because of a small incident of him losing the war and doing suicide along with his wives and children.


2-   Oxford is Hogwarts:




You must have seen the Harry Potter. Remember the awesome building of Hogwarts, didn’t you just love it. Its scenes were filmed in Oxford. Remember, “The Great Hall” it’s Christ Church of Oxford, the Library, the Hallway, and many other awesome places of Hogwarts were shoot in Oxford. You see that dining hall in picture, it's the Christ Church and Great Hall in Harry Potter.


3-   No Women Allowed:


Oxford Union in 1938: Women were not allowed to join in debates but were confined to watch from a gallery.


Oxford was built somewhere in 1096, but it wasn't until 1878 that women were admitted to the university. It was in 1920 when they were first awarded degrees and in 1974 when the last of the all-male colleges opened their doors to women.


4-   Oxford Parties:


World top class university with a lot of facilities and student union and houses, the Oxford, where world’s top elite class young can be found. When you think about this, think how awesome their parties would be! Sounds like one hell of a party, right?

But, that is not the case in Oxford. Unlike many other universities, Oxford is not the party type university. They do throw some parties but mostly sophisticated like Ball. Your weekends are fully acquired with your assignments. Some say there are amazing parties not the level you expect.



5-   First Museum:



Ashmolean museum in Oxford was the world’s first Museum ever opened for public in 1683. It is also in the Guinness book of World Record. Could this institute be any older? It’s so old, why do they call it a University. I say, they should declare it a Museum.


6-   University of Cambridge:


In 1209 there were some disturbances after the murder of a women by students of Oxford. To avoid all these conflicts some students ran away from here and went to another town. It is said they created another one of world’s top institution now called the Cambridge University.


7-   Creepy Faces:


In Oxford all over the campus, no matter where you go, you have a creepy feeling like you are being watched and have no privacy. It is because of these weird gargoyles in all over Oxford buildings. When you look you see these faces:


8-   The Real Alice:


Alice in wonderland is a famous novel. There also are many movies and cartoons on her. Around the world these Alive is very famous and well known. The author of “Alice in Wonderland” was a mathematician and teacher at Christ Church College of Oxford, Charles Dodgson also known as Lewis Carroll.

But that is not all. Do you know who the Alice was? She was the daughter of dean of Christ Church College. He was a very good friend of Charles Dodgson. Charles spent a lot of time with them Alice and her family. One day he thought of writing on Alice. And that is the novel, movie and cartoons we now know as Alice in Wonderland, the daughter of the dean of Christ Church at oxford.


9-   Oxford Meaning:


Oxford word basically comes from ‘Oxanforda’. Oxanforda means a shallow crossing in the river where Oxen could cross safely. It was quite a shock to find such an elite institute Oxford University has this meaningless meaning.

What is it like students are Oxen and this university is a platform for them? OXEN COULD CROSS EASILY! Well, that’s deep, too deep.



10-   Oxford Alumnus Title:


Government College University Lahore alumnus are known as ‘Ravians’, Punjab University students are known as “Punjabians”. Quite cool, isn’t it? So, what do students of world’s most elite university are called, any guess?

Let me tell you. Behold, the ‘OXONIANS’. Uh, Umm, sorry, what? Really? Well, I am just sorry for the students of Oxford, oh, I mean Oxonians! Pity.


11-   What's In A Name?


Oxford has become quite popular over the span of time. Oxford is literally everywhere, everything is Oxford. Don’t believe me?

There is an Oxford in New Zealand, an Oxford in Canada, 21 Oxfords in the United States, besides a Mount Oxford, two Lake Oxfords and Oxford County. Maine (whose capital is South Paris) lends its name to Oxford bags, Oxford Marmalade, Oxford grey (a very dark gray color) Oxford shoes, the Oxford Comma, the Oxford Group, the Oxford Movement and the Oxford accent. Had enough?


12-   Oxford student salary:


Another advantage you get for studying in Oxford. According to a research, graduates from Oxford and Cambridge earn salaries approximately £7,600 (42 per cent) higher per year, on average, than graduates from new post-1992 universities. Poor Oxonians, first they are considered smartest in world, then they get admission in world’s top university Oxford, they live high standard life and get highest quality of education possible and on top of this extra earning, could there life be any more miserable.




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