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How to Earn Money While Studying Abroad? See 10 Best and Easy Ways to Earn Money

When you go to a foreign country for education, you are always short on money. Moving to whole new country can be pretty costly as it involves many expenses like visa, tickets and fees etc. After reaching the destination, you again have numerous expenses waiting for you there. You find out there that how difficult it is going to be to manage rents, fares and food. Since different countries have different currencies and rates, it can be quite a shock at first.
In these hard times every student looks for every opportunity they can get to earn money. Sometimes, they also get distracted from studies and put their whole energy on earning money. But you have to make sure to keep balance between these two and with that avail anything that can earn you some money. First of all, you must remember that if you want to earn money in these situations, you must not have attitude towards work and with that don’t limit yourself with some specific type of work. In this article, study abroad team has discussed all best possible ways for you to earn money while studying abroad in a far land from your home. Following are the means and details of how to avail them.

1 -   Learn Some Skills:
Best way to earn money your whole life is to learn good skills as much as you can and as many as you can. If you want someone to give you money, you definitely have to something for him what one can’t do it himself. No one is going to pay you for nothing. What you should do is learn some technical skills prior hand and start using them professionally so when you go abroad you don’t have to waste much time.
So, the next question is what skills to learn. This mostly depends on you that what kind of work do you like but with that research about the worth of that skill in the country you have selected as your study abroad destination. I myself write to earn money. Article writing is one of the skills that can get you paid. Other than this, you can learn designing, like graphic designing, fashion designing and interior designing etc. Look what kind of work attracts you most and then look for a job in that field.

2 -   Online Freelance:
Online Freelancing is the best to earn money especially if you are studying in a foreign country. Most of the countries have time limit in which one work to earn money like you can work up to only 20 hours a week. But with freelancing there are not many to stop you. If you have some skills and little bit of experience as freelancer you can earn a lot. As a matter of fact, freelancing on international level even get you paid more than what you earn by working full hours shift.

3 -   Teaching:
Teaching is a very fun thing and it also gets you paid. If you are studying higher education you were definitely a student your whole life. In your life you must have learn something in which you must be good. For instance, if you are studying Software Engineering, you must have good knowledge of Computer Sciences. Just like this, see what you are good at and start teaching it.
You teach a home tuition or academy. Your teaching subject does not always have to be a technical subject but you can also teach language. Just find an institute which requires a teacher of languages that you are good at. Home tuition can also be pretty compensating where you just have to teach some little kids their school work.

4 -   Research Assistant:
You will easily find many teachers and researchers in your university. What you have to do is make good contacts with them. The teachers and other researchers usually require the help of an assistant.  Find people of your field and try to become their research assistant, this will not only be very good for your Resume but also learn a great deal with this. You will get paid to be a research assistant but with you also become a master of your field.

5 -   Salesman or Waiter:
These kinds of jobs have many openings. You just have to look for all the restaurants, shops and hotels in your area and drop your resume there. You can a few hours’ shift and with you get paid accordingly. In these jobs you also get extra tips from customers which customary in most cultures.

6 -   Buy and Sell Stuff Online:
I got this idea from a friend of mine who is no business man but he still gets financial profit by doing this. He is a singer so he usually buys a guitar online. They he buys one, he starts searching for its buyer using online services and giving ads on Olx. He looks for the thing with low rates and then sells it on a price of his own will since he has no hurry to sell his guitars because he is always using them. You can do it too. You don’t have to buy expensive things or invest a lot. Just find a thing you like that you can use and then sell it to someone who likes it more than you keeping your margin.

7 -   Work Extra in Holidays:
There are many holidays during a year. Holidays may be summer vacations or winter vacations, may be Christmas or some other event. I say instead of sitting home idol, you should earn some money. You can work extra or full day shifts in holidays and you also get paid extra for them.

8 -   Translator:
You know your native language and if you are studying abroad then you definitely know English or the native language of your selected country. Why not use this skill or knowing multiple languages to earn money. You can become a translator in embassy or some other company. Many companies and sometimes even hotels and restaurants acquire the services of a translator to deal with their customers. This can also help you earn money while studying abroad.

9 -   Tour Guide:
Becoming a tour guide is also one of the optional and fun jobs. The country you are going to study in, first visit all the places there that may attract tourists. Then you should research about the history of those places. When you a lot then you are ready to become a tour guide. These opportunities may not come very often, but you should avail them as an extra way to earn money.

10 -   Babysitting:
This is an easy job to earn money if you like kids. All you have to do is look after the kids for a while and you get paid hourly. Just maintain a good image among the people you see or meet and always be kind. If people trust you only then they leave you alone with their kids. Anyone can do babysitting but parents look for someone whom they can trust. You have to earn others trust and they will give you this job. Once a family is satisfied with you then they also refer you to others. 







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