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How to meet with the advisors for study abroad?

How to meet with the advisors for study abroad?

Every year a number of students try to go abroad for study purposes for the sake of good knowledge and quality education. So, if you are also looking for the same thing than this is the great sound to hear from you. Make it sure that your study plan is ready i.e. study program is selected, University or department have chosen by you, you are able to apply for the selected subject in the subjected University and you also prepare the pre-departure planning as well. Now, you need to meet with your faculty advisor who will guide you that how you can get the opportunity in targeting desired destination. Following are the instructions through which you can meet and make discussion with your advisors.

Online appointment

The very first step is to make an online appointment with the university or Board where you have decided to continue your studies. For this purpose you will find the “Online Appointment Form” at the University official site. The university or advisor will leave a reply of your application through an email address and will fix a meeting or appointment with you with specific mentioned time and date.

Types of appointment

There are two types of appointment scheduled by the advisors. Online appointments and walk to meet appointments. Commonly, the online appointments proceed.

  • Appointment will be held in the working days
  • Appointment will also be held in the daily office working hours
  • Appointment will be less in time so be punctual and sharp during appointment    

Meet with the Advisor

Now at the time of meeting you will meet to your advisor for getting further detail. This is a critical point of your planning. During the meeting you must know from the advisor about your selected program possible opportunities for which are you looking from the University. Advisor can ask frequent questions from you that why you want to join their Institute and why you want to study in the subject that you have selected. So, give him a complete motivational impressions regarding your subject of study.

Advisors responsibilities

Following are the advisors responsibilities towards the students:

Program Selection

The advisor will teach you each and every thing regarding program selection that you do not know before. He will also teach you whether your selected subject is suitable for you or not.

Study Plan

The advisor will teach you about study plan according to the university method which consists of course outline, duration, seats availability session beginning time, admission criteria, department and faculty etc.   

Pre-departure preparation

The advisor, In case of selection which kind of pre departure requirements are required to you, will teach you.  

Fees and Funding

Fees and funding criteria will also be discussed by the advisor during your appointment. So, clearly know about the fee structure and funding (if applicable). 

General Requirements

In general requirements consist of student’s documents clearance, academic records, proof of financial states, Passport and Visa validity etc.


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