Interesting Dos and Don’ts in Germany for Pakistani Students

  • 31/10/2016
  • By Usama Ahmed


If you follow a country’s customs while you are staying there. You will not only get mixed with them soon but people will also get to like you. They will appreciate it if you respect their culture. Following are some DOs and DON’Ts in Germany. So, you won’t be frowned upon and will help you understand their culture and personality. This way you will attract some good educated friends towards you.




Between Octobers to April it gets very cold. Make sure you have proper winter clothing if you are leaving for Germany in these months.







Always shake hands firmly and say Guten Tag even if it’s a children or woman. It is customary to shake hand with everyone in Germany.







Before you start eating say Guten Apetite. It is a custom in Germany.







Before going to Germany, learn few common German words. It will help you in many places and situations. 



Be formal. Dress formal, act formal, and greet formal. German people don’t really get too formal too soon. That is what you should do too. Unless you want to degrade your image in their view.



Have a proper Medical Insurance. Medical care is very expensive in Germany.



Take cash with you wherever you go. Most places there don’t really use Credit or Debit cards.


Unlike Pakistan, in Germany you must leave about 5 – 10 percent tip. It is customary. If it is Christmas or any special event then you must leave more than usual.



Use title and last name when addressing people. Say Herr (Mr.), Frau (Mrs.) and Sie when talking to elderly people.





Never eat with your fingers. In Germany eating with fingers, is also considered a bad manners.



Do not be late. One thing Germans are, very punctual. If you are late or even if before time. It is considered rude. You must right on time when you meet someone. However, there is a relaxation of 5 minutes.



Don’t leave your Shoes on. When you are entering a house always firs ask its owner if you should leave on or out your shoes. Most people don’t wear shoes inside house in Germany.



Don’t put your elbows on table while eating. You only put your hands on table when you sit to eat. Putting elbows on table is considered a bad manner in Germany.









No Jaywalking. Jaywalking is considered criminal offence and can put you in jail.



Don’t wait for a seat at a German restaurant, it is common to sit and eat with strangers there.



Don’t do Nazi Salute. Nazi Salute is also something from the Hitler’s time. Doing this act might put you in jail if someone reported. Heil Hitler and Nazi Salute both are punishable to 5 years of imprisonment.

Never say Heil Hitler. If you are going to Germany make sure you first read a little history of Germany of World War 1 and 2. The very infamous Adolf Hitler was once a German leader.



Free speech is allowed but insulting anyone could end you up in a jail. You might want to keep Pakistani instinct to yourself.



Don’t use dollars or any other currency since they have their own. Otherwise it is taken as offence.



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