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Most Important Tips to Pass a University Interview

University interview phase come after you have selected and applied for a university.  If your documents are accepted then they call you for interview. In interview they judge you and decide whether to give you admission or not. An interview is also taken if you apply for Scholarship, so, better follow this article carefully. Following are the most important tips for you score well in interview.

1 -   Know Who You Are
It has become like a universal code to always ask the candidate about him. Though it’s an old one, yet whenever they say “Tell me about yourself”, we are like, OMG! 
Make sure you have rote a few lines describing you in a best summarized way possible. Don’t include much of your personal information. Start with your Name and tell about qualifications and achievements.

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2 -   Research University Prior Hand
Before you go for interview, you must know, where you are going. Though, you should have known before even applying there. Research about that university, gather as much information as you can. This way, it will be easier for you to handle the interview and this gives interviewer expression that you have done your homework and you are serious about it.

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3 -   Be Formal
 Do remember, interviewer is not our some uncle or aunt, he is most probably a very highly educated person who has been dealing the likes of you for many years. You must not get friendly or informal with him. Try be as professional as you can, so, they don’t get the notion of you being amateur.
You know, how some people try to impress others by cracking a joke in start or during conversation. Yeah, very bad idea,  I don’t recommend any of such activity, you will most probably end up making a fool of yourself.

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4 -   Keep Your Confidence Level
No matter how talented or skilled you are, if you don’t have the confidence, you are nothing. When you look confidence, it puts other under pressure not you.
“Confidence is the foundation of success”, says Usama Ahmed Awan, a Teacher, Article Writer, Educational Journalist and Counsellor.
“Self Confidence is the best outfit, rock and own it”, says a random image on google I found.
One thing I can guarantee you, if you don’t show confidence, you are already rejected.

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5 -   Body Language is also a Language
You must have often seen people who move their body way too much to expressing their message. I don’t know why they do it, but one thing is certain, “it doesn’t look good!” So, first of all, I refer not to move your hands way too much like them. Secondly, Body language is a language, so you have to use to show your confidence. Try to keep a little evil smile on your face, it will make you look confident.
“Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important” says a random image I found on google, but it is correct.
Body Language is very powerful too. We had body language before we had speech, and apparently 80% of what you understand in a conversation is read through the body, not the words. Just don’t overdo it.

6 -   Dress Sharp
Dressing good, is obviously the first impression on interviewer. If you don’t look good or serious, you got a negative point there. You must go in a formal, good looking, and fit size dressing. Be sure to research about formal interview dressing.
“Dress how you want to be addressed. If you want to be taken seriously like a respected man, you better dress for it”

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