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Most Low Cost Abroad Universities for Pakistani Students


1 -   Heidelberg University



Heidelberg is a public university in Germany. It is considered 1st in Germany and ranks 43th in the world ranking of 2017. They don’t charge any tuition fee from any student whether he is domestic or international. Students only have to pay semester fees, which is around 17,000 rupees per semester.
Living expenses for students there cost about 83812 to 100574 rupees per month that including rent, food and health insurance.


2 -   University of Oslo



University of Oslo is located in Norway. It is ranked 135th in the world. They also generally don’t charge any tuition fee from any student. However, students have to pay a semester fee of around 8,000 rupees. All of the university's bachelor's programs are taught in Norwegian, but English-taught master's programs are also available for international students.
Living expenses there are pretty high than any other foreign country.


3 -   King Abdullah University of Science & Technology


King Abdullah University of Science & Technology. It is Located in a village Thuwal of Saudi Arabia. It is ranked among 101 – 150 top universities in the world. KAUST offers funding to all students that covers all the cost of tuition, housing, medical and dental coverage and more. The university does not offer undergraduate degrees.


4 -   Pierre and Marie Curie University



It is a public university in France. Their tuition fee cost is the same for domestic and foreign students. Pierre and Marie Curie University is ranked 1st in France and 44th in the world. Students pay between 21,000 to 71,000 rupees per year in registration fees. International students also have to pay 25,000 rupees every year for student health insurance.
The primary language at the university is French but many master’s level programs are offered in English.


5 -   University of Vienna



It is a Public universities in Austria that charge very low tuition fees to international students. At University of Vienna, international students pay around 83,700 Pakistani rupees each semester for tuition plus 2200 rupees in student union fees. University of Vienna ranks 155th in the world.

Their main teaching language is German, but there are some bachelor's programs and more than a dozen master's programs offered in English.


6 -   University of Bologna


Located in Italy, University of Bologna is oldest university in the world. It was established in 1088. It is ranked 204th in the world. Their tuition fees for English-taught programs, range from 200,000 to 461,000 rupees per year.
Most of the English-taught international programs listed on the university's website are master's-level programs.


7 -  University of Ljubljana


University of Ljubljana is located in Slovenia and is ranked 2nd best there. It is also ranked between world’s top 551-600 universities. They generally charge international students between 283,000 to 355,000 rupees per year for its English-taught degree programs. The majority of their English-taught programs are of master's level. Have you tried pronouncing its name? Try it, it is fun. By the way ‘Js’ in Ljubljana are silent.


8 -   Aarhus University


Aarhus University is a public university located in Denmark. It is ranked 107th in the world. Their native language is Danish. It offers about 70 English-taught programs most of them are master’s level. Their tuition fee is about 930,000 rupees per year but their Science programs cost a bit higher.

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