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These are the Part Time Jobs You Can Do While Studying Abroad

Most of the students I know who went abroad for higher education had to do a part time to help financial resources. Many of those students had never worked in life before as they were still in their student life and their parents were covering all of their expenses. But the case is a little different when you are in a foreign country. It is difficult for your parents to earn in rupees and then spend in dollars or euros on you. In such situations, students are gratified by any source that financially assists them.
The problem is that first time jobs can be a little difficult for students as they have no experience. They don’t know what job to do, how to do, where to do and specially how to get one. It could have been difficult it you were in your own homeland but in a foreign country it gets more challenging. As I am happened to be a student counselor, it is my duty to guide you out of any problem you could possibly face while studying abroad. Today in this article I will discuss the part time jobs you can do while studying abroad.

Library or Research Assistant:
These are the jobs that you can in your very own university campus. Since you will most probably be living in university, studying in university then why not work in university. It will also save you time and cost of transportation. Inside the university should be your first place to look for job. There are many jobs in your university from security guard to all clerical work.
The job that would be most suitable for you is Research assistant depending on your field of study. Every good university has their research team of every department that most probably comprises your teachers. Researchers also require assistants in their work who are also paid. If you become a research assistant, you will not only spend more time with your teacher (really good for career) but you will also develop in your own study field and you will be paid for it. The better you get in your field by doing research the better it is for your career.
Second job that is suitable for you is library assistant. You just have to sit in your university library. Students usually go to libraries for study, why not get paid for it. There is never much to do in library other than checking in and out, and may be a little data entry. It is an easy job inside your university, flexible according to your timing and a peaceful place to concentrate on your studies. You can also become part of management or administration if you have the qualification. These jobs are not difficult don’t very much require experience and would be a great start for you. Just keep visiting relevant offices in your university and apply for any vacancy you find. Make sure you drop your Resume or CV in these offices in advance.

For a young student who is just entering professional life “freelancing” word sounds a little mysterious but it is not that big of deal. Freelancing is actually self-employment. You can different clients or companies and work for them according to your own desire. To make clients, freelancers use different online platforms like,,
What you need to do to get started is learn a skill. Learning a skill is not that difficult as it sounds. If you are an undergrad you can easily master a skill within a month just by giving it a few hours regularly. Once you enter professional life you become more and more pro at what you do. A fine example of freelancing skill is writing. What you are reading is an example of writing work and I wrote on freelance basis and of course I get paid for it. Other than this, you can also become a graphic designer, programmer, musician, social marketing manager or any other thing that you are good at or have interest it. Make sure that you like your work, it makes your job easier.

Private Tutor:
Tutoring is a very easy and fun job that also pays you well for short working hours. You don’t have to be an expert of certain field or subject to be a tutor. Private tutors are usually hired to teach to little kids of school. For an undergrad this level is no big deal at all. They easily understand the entire syllabus then only thing left is how you teach it. Teaching kids is not difficult just keep under control and everything else is fine. To find a tutoring job you should have a good social network. Make sure you have a good image in others minds.
People usually look for someone with whom they can trust their children. So the better people around you think of you the more chances you have of being referred. In addition, there are also many online portals to assist you in this matter.

Restaurants or Stores:
Restaurants and stores always have job openings. If you don’t find any other job, you still have this opportunity. Getting a job there is very easy. All you have to do is just go to the place ask for any vacancy and drop your CV. If there is no vacancy at that time, they will call you later when they have an opening. There is also no experience required for these kinds of job. Most international students you will find will be doing this job.
Don’t think of these jobs. These might not be best or provide a promising future still it is a great start for career. You will not only earn easy money but you will get professional experience and understanding how to earn money. Once you will start working, you will see more and more doors opening that will lead you towards a better future.

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