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What To Do For Living in College Hostels Abroad

Starting New Life by Living in University Hostel

Studying at the ideal destinations in the world is a remarkable step for many students.  They have start a modern  life and caeer. There are many new phases of the international student life however the most tough of them is the residence. Almost all of the colleges provide residence to their students which are called "dorms" or "halls" in the international educational system.

I have created a checklist below for those students are thinking of getting admissions in foreign universities. These global students must know the residential aspects of the recent university life. 

Contacting Student Relations Officers of Institute for Getting Information

The first step after reaching ideal destination is to contact student relations officers of the university. Most of the international schools usually have separate office to help international students for providing information about the institution. They help students to know their hostel officers, class rooms and other important places of the university.  

If some problem arises for the new learners then they contact the international coordinator for helping them.

Adjusting Hostel Residence

The first step to be done is to contact students relations officer for getting enough information about the residential areas, Most of the multinational schools have also resident directors for the international students.   It is extremely better for them. The fresh learners should know that person which can be contacted at the time of emergency.

Some of the dorms or halls also have resident attendant for assisting students and solving their problems. They are most senior students who have already first or two years of university life. They have lot of information for guiding their senior badge fellows. 

Tips on Cuisine and Dressing 

Most of the worldwide universities have dinning halls in the university. There are various category of deilcious cuisine available there. It could be of multiple categories like burgers, pizzas, soft drinks and other type of food. Some of the students choose to put their meals in the dorm rooms.  They gain more weight by this habit. It is not a good habit. 

I advise international students to eat hygienic food every time. If they are best at health then everything will better for them. At some times, they might eat some tasty category of food. Most of the universities and colleges have exercising facilities for the students. It could be a gym or a health club situated somewhere at the campus. The students can also do walk or cycling for making them remain fit. 

Dressing is also changed for international students. They should aware of the temperature and climate of that particular area in which the university is located. They should bring minimum amount of clothes from home and should wait that what category of stuff is required for particular school.

Packing Tips Before Arriving at Universities and Colleges 

International students coming from abroad should pack minimum amount of items for the university life. The items used in the home countries might different from those of foreign country. They must buy useful items from abroad however like mobile phone, laptops or other items. Most of the international students can also find other helpful products from the local stores or in university premises.


These are some of the residential tips for the international students who are dreaming of joining some foreign university, they must know every aspect of life in the global universities.


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