germany student visa

The visa must be issued before you can enter the country; you should therefore apply for it in good time. The responsible body is the German Embassy or Consulate General in your country, which can also provide you with further information.

You should get a student visa if you are scheduling to study in Germany. If you have been received at German University then it is suitable you apply for a student visa in person for at least 3 months in advance before going to Germany.

All your documents and application will be sending to the Office of Immigration (Ausländeramt) where you will study. After the application acquires approved by the Office of Immigration will issue you a residence permit in the form of visa. You are obligatory to register upon your first entrance in Germany.

Three Types of Visa for International Students

  1. A language course visa is a type of visa in which it cannot be subsequently converted into a student visa. It is valid only for the duration of the course.
  2. A three-month study applicant’s visa which is valid if you have not yet obtained university admission. After admission, it must be converted as quickly as possible into a resident permit for student purposes at the office for foreigners’ affairs.
  3. The visa for study purposes is valid for one year. In order to obtain this visa, you must provide proof of admission and financial support for the duration of study.

Following documents are required to apply for Germany student visa.

Application forms:

For applications at the Embassy please provide three application forms
For applications at the Consulate please submit two application forms

Passport photos:

  1. For applications at the Embassy please provide four photos.
  2. For applications at the Consulate please submit three photos
  3. Valid passport
  4. Security questionnaire
  5. Applicant's declaration

For student visa:

  • Letter of admission/acceptance

For student applicant visa:

  • Proof of entitlement to get admission

For language course visa:

  1. Registration for an intensive language course
  2. Your curriculum vitae
  3. Documentation of your school, college and academic degree
  4. Proof of sufficient financial Status
  5. Valid health insurance
  6. Proof of your language skills

Note:  Please provide a copy of the appointment confirmation e-mail

You should apply at your home country’s German Embassy. Except for rare instances you have to submit the application along with the required documents in person. It is recommended you apply for a visa very well in advance before your departure because the application of student visas can take up to 25 days to be processed.

The access to the universities in Germany is available when a candidates proves that he is qualifies for admission in an institution of higher education. If your educational qualifications or certificates are not recognized as equivalent to those in Germany then you have to undergo an “eligibility test”.

Each Federal State lays down the decisive criteria for evaluation of foreign qualifications required for admission. The preparatory institutions attached to the institutions of higher education are responsible for preparing students to take the “eligibility test”.

An important characteristic of admission is certain courses of study are much sought after and the demand goes above the number of places available. Students from Germany and the European Union must therefore undergo a selection procedure. The crucial element here is the average grade required for admission. Students from other countries are not subject to this procedure. But that doesn't mean that an unlimited number of students are accepted. But in subjects such as medicine and psychology, only a fixed number of foreigners who are not citizens of the European Union are admitted. Selection process is related to the average grade laid down by the institution of higher education.


Four weeks up to several months.


Applicants have to pay the visa fees by a bank transfer. Student visa as of 2008 is 60 Euro. Cheques or credit cards are not accepted. The money order must be in the name of the Consulate in your home country and not older than two months.

Please be aware that you will not get reimburse the visa fee if your application for a student visa gets rejected.

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