turkey student visa

If one is interested to study in turkey he must have a student visa in order to stay and study in turkey. If one does not have any students visa then will not be allowed to stay and study in turkey nor will he be registered in turkey for residency permit.

Student visa should be obtained from Turkish consulate; you can apply to the one that is nearest to your residence. One must have to submit the visa application form along with certain documents required for the processing to get the student visa to Turkish university.

Student need to attach the approval letter from the university he applied in for study along with a number of other document, in order to submit their visa application form. In order to apply for Student visa from Pakistan students’ needs to provide the following documents.

  1. Student must have a bank account by his name, but the account must be in foreign currency like Euro, Dollars, and GBP, new account is also acceptable.
  2. Student needs to go for Medical; Medical is only done in Government Hospital.
  3. Police clearance certificate
  4. Sponsor letter.
  5. Admission letters from Institute.
  6. Passport copy. Valid for more than 90 days
  7. Medical certificate
  8. Bank statement
  9. Processing fee.
  10. Application from – can be get from the Turkish consulate near to your residence.
  11. Passport sized pictures- must be 2
  12. Copy of return ticket after the completion of the stay.

Visa fee- for processing the visa (depending on the nationality from where the visa is applied )

Applying for admission in any university/college in Turkey is the first step candidate must have to fill an application form for the required course he is willing to study in. The application form should be submitted to the university/college before the last date mentioned by the institute. The application form should have some educational documents attached with it like:

  1. Your educational degrees you have passed previously.
  2. Language course if required depending on the course you are applying in.
  3. Admission fee for the course as demanded by the college for your course.

Once you have submitted you application to the university/college you have to wait you will get your approval letter from the college for the course you had applied in. Now you had to pay the first semester fee to the college in order to get the approval letter only then you will be able to apply for visa. While applying for visa you had to fill up the visa application from attached with a number of documents   and send it to the Turkish consulate at your country for the processing of your visa application.


For a single entry visa a non-refundable visa application charge of 48$ US applies to most visa applications.


There may be other expenses that may vary your budget it generally includes medical examination cost, police checks and translation of documents in English (if required).

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