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Study abroad in Bulgaria for Pakistani students

step by step guide to study in Bulgaria

Bulgaria among the favorite study abroad destinations is a valuable one. However, there are multiple Reasons to Study in Bulgaria. The one most powerful and mentionable reason is that Bulgaria on behalf of social, economic, politically and educationally the strongest country across Europe. Bulgaria offers the best quality living style, as well as education system not only the local or EU nationals but the people throughout the world, are precious and valuable for Bulgaria.

According to the survey report of 2008 there up to 66,000 foreigners with permanent residence in Bulgaria were calculated.  According to the recent report in 2015/16, there were 12,916 international students from different places within different fields were calculated.


Bulgaria Offers World’s Top Ranked Universities 2020

Bulgarian Universities have gotten reasonable position among the top universities of the world. Top quality education, secure and free environment, high-quality laboratories and exceptional way of teaching all are the main factors making the Bulgarian Universities and education system top across Europe or even throughout the world.  

According to QS ranking, the University of Sofia is offered with 801 positions among the top universities of the world. However, there are other universities also belong to Bulgaria that is well in offering the best quality education.   


Valuable Scholarships Programs 2020 for Pakistani Students Can Find  

Almost all the scholarship programs that are offering by the European governments and other agencies to national as well as international students are also offering by Bulgaria. Actually, the main purpose to offer these scholarships program is to support the needy international students.

In such a way, government supports the brilliant and deserving students on the return of which one nation or world get a brilliant mind for bringing upheavals into the society level, country level, and world level.


Jobs and Other Facilities-Bulgaria Offers in 2020

Bulgaria is a country which is not only supported until offering good quality education to international students. Instead of this, it also offers career opportunities to international students. First of all, during studies, international students get the opportunities of part-time jobs through which they cover their living expenses. Students also offered the internship programs to enhance their skills and practicality. Moreover, students after completing their education can easily find the working opportunities here.


After Study Opportunity/ Career Opportunity for Pakistani Students 

International students after completing their graduation are provided with work permit but it is highly competitive. Moreover, Bulgaria is a country which also offers permanent residence and Citizenship to foreigners throughout the world.

International students and other foreigners can apply for permanent residence through investment, permanent residence through long time stay, and permanent residence through the origin.


Application Process

An easy application process for admission in university offered by Bulgaria. Moreover, the application process to apply for a Student visa is also, somehow, easy than that of other developed countries. Another best thing comes to see is that Bulgaria is considerably cheap than that of others European study abroad destinations.  

Yes, it is wise and right decision to study in Bulgaria. The degree of Bulgaria is known throughout Many countries. The merit in Bulgaria is low for students as compared to other European countries.As well as Living expense in Bulgaria is also low.

  • Low academic fee.

  • Less living expense.

  • Low merit at Bulgarians university as compared to other countries.

  • Small country, big opportunity.

  • Internationally recognized education

Yes, Bulgaria is totally safe for girls to study alone. Bulgaria is better country to study and live peaceful life.

Undergraduate Postgraduate 
FA/Fsc or A levels certificate FA/Fsc or A levels certificate
German language, English language or French language proficiency according to your selected international language program.  Undergraduate degree for graduate admission or Graduate degree in an appropriate subject for PHD admission
Photocopy of your passport or id card German language, English language or French language proficiency according to your selected international language program. 
--- Statement of purpose
--- references
--- Photocopy of your passport or id card


Complete student visa application form.

Previous academic records.

Medical certificate.

Valid passport.


Certificate of English, French or German language if you want to study in international language.

Sufficient bank statement.

AEF scholarship.

Josef Princ memorial scholarship.

LCC Ukrainian home society scholarship.

The full bright program

For more scholarships click here:

For bachelors and masters in a year there are two admission intakes. Spring and fall usually February and September. Whereas for postgraduate the deadline is February.

Usually 8000 EURO/year whereas private institutes are little expensive.

Bulgaria provides both on-campus and off-campus accommodation.  Usually on-campus Accommodation costs 45 EURO/month and private accommodation costs 200-300 EURO/ month.

If u want to study in international language and your native language is not international language like English French or German then you have to provide certificate of language. i.e. IELTS or TOEFl. 

Yes, non-EU students can work 20 hours/week.

Yea after 5 years of continuous living anyone can apply for permanent residency in Bulgaria. 

USIT Colors International Scholarship at American University in Bulgaria For Bachelors in the fields of Art & Design Apply by 01 Mar 2020
Albanian Scholarships for International Students at the American University in Bulgaria For Bachelors in the fields of Art & Design Apply by 01 Mar 2020
Gipson Black Sea funding for International Students at American University in Bulgaria For Bachelors in the fields of Art & Design Apply by 01 Mar 2020

Study Abroad Consultants for bulgaria

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Future & Success Consultants Pvt Ltd 03335318010 Karachi
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