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Best Benefits of Studying Abroad in Finland

1 -   Free Education for Everyone:
The best thing I would say about Study in Finland is that they provide free education to everyone whether they are their domestic students, European or overseas students. Their real purpose is the promulgation of education unlike other developed countries who are just concerned about taking business out students.
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They have been providing this facility for many years. However, recently they were complaints regarding international students who take Finland education for granted just because it’s free. So, there is a slight chance that they may start charging a little tuition fee.

2 -   World Class Universities:
Finland may provide free education, it doesn’t mean they have compromised on their quality. Finland is home to some world’s best universities which provide the education in such innovative approach that is rare to find. In 2017 ranking of QS on the best countries for education, Finland secured 19th position as best in the world and scored 66.9 out of 100.
To make things clear for you, Pakistan is also a part of that list and it secured 50th position out of 50 countries scoring 9.2 out 100. Finland is also a part of the Bologna System which is the agreement of 29 countries for the sake of standards for academic degrees and quality assurance. Finland’s top, University of Helsinki was ranked 56th best of the world in 2016 ranking.
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Their Official language is Finish but for international students they offer a large number of English-Taught programs to attract them. Finland is one of the best countries for English-Taught programs with their universities developing every day.

3 -   Stunning Place:
Finland is of the countries with highest quality of lifestyle. This country has so many wonderful places to see and things to do. This is one of the countries where there is no shortage of snow. But, with all the snow it is hard to believe that Finland is 70% green forest. There are also many beautiful and clean lakes.
Finland has always been a wonderful destination of tourists too. Every year a great of number tourist head to Finland to live some of the most memorable moments of their life. Finland is considered one of the best places for Fishing because of the lakes and with that there are also many events of sports like Ice Hockey that you could never get in Pakistan.

4 -   Amazing People and Government:
Finland’s people and government is amazing, you don’t believe me, but you will when I tell you that Finland is one the most stable countries on planet Earth. This kind of development that Finland has can’t be taken out by just government. You need really good citizens for that who always cooperate in making their nation great.
Finland is world’s 6th most peaceful country. There are important pointers based on which, a country’s peacefulness is measured. Finland has performed well by demonstrating their good relations with neighbors, giving refuge and aid, most low number of conflicts, deaths, criminality; political stability and many other factors like these.
It is one of the rare countries which focuses on its internal growth by making their lifestyle and everything of top quality and pure rather than increasing their armies and weaponry. Their people are very welcoming. They treat everyone nicely. Though their official languages are Finish and Swedish, you will find a great number of residence speaking fluent English.

5 -   Students can Work:
Another news that is usually the most important for us Pakistani students is that we are allowed to work part time while study continues. They offered this permit because of students that come from developing countries like Pakistan and don’t have enough resources to cover their living expenses.
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Finland can be a little expensive because of their high quality lifestyle, but with that, since you are allowed to work up to 25 hours a week even during study term, you can manage all costs. Average monthly expenses can be at least 12 thousand Pakistani rupees to cover all food, rents, transportation and snacks.






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