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What Are The General Documents Required To Apply For Foreign Universities in 2020

While pursuing a bachelor’s degree it is the desire of most of the students to start their postgraduate level studies from the worldwide recognized universities. Today, the trend of study abroad has evolved throughout the world and Pakistan is not an exceptional case in this trend. Australia, China, Europe, and North America are the most popular destinations for Pakistani students. According to the latest report it is calculated that every year around 10,000 Pakistani students go abroad for higher education purposes.

The main step involves preparing the study abroad application, is to complete the documents or file. Documentation plays a vital role to complete your study abroad application. The rejection in the study abroad application may come because of incomplete documentation. Applicants who are going to apply for study abroad application for the upcoming study sessions they are notified that the following are the documents required for study abroad application:


1.       Application Form

The application form is the basic requirement to apply to study abroad. In which university students are looking to apply they have to get the application form of that university and most of the universities offer an online application process.


2.       Previous Academic Certificates

Students are required to show all the previous academic records. For example, they have to attach their matriculation certificate, intermediate certificate, and bachelors’ certificate along with the application form.


3.       English or Foreign Languages Proficiency Certificate

For almost all the study abroad destinations, whether these are English speaking countries or not, the English language proficiency test has become a necessary part. This test evaluates the speaking caliber of the students. Students who are going to apply for a study program in the English language have to show the language proficiency certificate such as IELTS or TOEFL. However, students, who are going to apply for a study program in a foreign language they have to earn a foreign language proficiency certificate.  


4.       Motivation Letter Or SOP

What is your purpose of study? And what contributions you are looking to make in a particular field in the future? And how this study abroad destination or a particular study program would help you to achieve your target? All these are the things you have to elaborate through a motivation letter or a statement of purpose before getting admission to a particular university.


5.       Reference Letters

Some universities ask for the reference letters that students have to arrange from the professors of their previous institutes.


6.       Detailed Resume

Some universities also ask for the detailed resume of the students through which students give their complete details including personal details, educational details, and professional details. 


7.       Experience Letters  

In the case of postgraduate studies, Pakistani students are also asked for the working experience. If you come under this category then you have to submit experience certificates along with the application form.  


8.       Photographs         

Passport size photographs are also required to attach to the application.


9.       Passport

Applicants are also required to show a valid passport. At the time of application, your passport must be valid for at least 06 months.


10.     Additional Documents

The documentation also depends upon the destination or the study program you are going to choose. So, your university may ask for any other additional documents.


Attestation Of Documents For Study Abroad  

It is not enough to gather the documents but it is also required to attest some of the documents before going to apply for the application. The following is the detail of the documents attestation:  


Attestation By Boards Of Examination

The documents such as matriculation certificate and intermediate certificates are required to attest from the board of education. 


HEC Attestation

Bachelors and master level degrees are required to attest from the Higher education commission, HEC.


Attestation By Ministry Of Foreign Affairs  

In some cases, students are also required to attest the documents from the ministry of foreign affairs. It depends upon your selected institutes.


Prepare Your Study Abroad Application

What types of documents are required by what types of universities? This is the common question from the students’ side. However, if you are not familiar with the idea and want to get succeed in your application, then you can apply a safe application through the study abroad consultants linked with      

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