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Canada is consistently in one of the top countries where study is well-reputed. It is providing an excellent educational environment. It is the country where most of the people of United Nations are living. It is holding quality life with strong economy, better health care facilities, social security and ideal education system.

Students prefer to Study in Canada because it is offer quality education at low cost. Canada is not only top according to educational point of view; it is also an ideal place to live in.

Canada is providing numerous ways for Scholarships and jobs to the skilled and hardworking people for making their careers. Every year more than 175,000 international students are making their lives there.
When choosing Canada for study; must consider the type and location of the institute because it has a number of excellent institutes regarding almost all fields.
Study in Canada for Pakistani Students have lots of chances for getting work opportunities there.

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Important Questions to Study in Canada: A Guide for Pakistani Students


Best universities to study in Canada for international students?

Top ten universities in Canada for international students to study in Canada are under below:

QS World University Ranking list 2015/16




McGill University

Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3A 0G4, Canada


University of Toronto



University of British Columbia

West Mall, Vancouver, BC


University of Alberta

Ave, Edmonton


University of Montreal

Montréal, QC


McMaster University



University of waterloo



Western University

Richmond St, London, ON


University of Calgary

Dr NW, Calgary


Queen’s University

Kingston, ON



How much the Average tuition fee for undergraduate or post graduate courses in Canada?

Students who want to do Undergraduate level degree program from Canadian university will have pay about CA$ 14,000 tuition fees annually. Applicants who apply for art and humanities courses are cheaper than engineering and medicine course.

Candidates who want to do Postgraduate level degree program from any Canadian university will have to pay about CA$42,000. It’s just average amount for students who want to study in Canada, generally fees are based on program that you will select for study.

Will it be allowed to work while I am studying in Canada?

International students will work during their studies in Canada only on on-campus job. There are two option for international students to work in Canada and support their other expenses as well. One is on campus employment and other one is off campus employment. Students must be get the permission from the authorities to work during their studying. International students with Canadian student’s visa can only do an on campus employment which mostly time specified.

Where and what kind of accommodation are in Canada for international student?

There are three types of accommodation for students who will come to study in Canada. Which are on campus, off campus and homestay.

On-campus accommodation in Canada

Students who got admission in Canadian university will have to do arrangement of their accommodation as well. On campus housing is based on halls or residence, students must be arrange living place before their arrival at Canada. Applicants can also contact the housing office to ask about any accommodation help. Students can also share dormitory or dorm with their roommate. Through these accommodation students will consume CAD$3,000 to $7,500 on yearly basis.

Here some accommodation options for international students to study in Canada:

Induvial and shared rooms with meal plan avail at Totem part in University of British Columbia, on the monthly payment of CAS$527 to 725.

Solo room available at Douglas hall in McGill University, on the payment of CAS$1,275 on monthly basis.

Solo room with meal plan available at international living and learning center in Ryerson University, on the payment of CAD$ 11,031 annually.

Solo room with meal available at Chestnut residence in Toronto University, on the payment of $14,000 to 18,000 annually.

Off-campus accommodation in Canada

Off campus accommodation in Canada only available for those candidates who have successfully completed their first years in university. Your off campus housing budget is based on the CAD$250-700 per month.

Three bedroom apartment living cost, cities wise for international students:

Students who want to live in Toronto city, will pay 1,900 Canadian dollars.

Students who want to live in Vancouver city, will pay 1,950 Canadian dollars.

Students who want to live in Ottawa city, will pay 1,300 Canadian dollars.

Students who want to live in Montreal city will pay 1,050 Canadian dollars.

Students who want to live in Edmonton city, will pay 1,500 Canadian dollars.

Students who want to live in Calgary city, will pay 1,600 Canadian dollars.


International students also avail this accommodation option to study in Canada, which is based, you live with any family in Canada. Students can pay CAD$400 on monthly basis which is quite affordable price of living for international students.

What kind of financial help or grant in Canada for International students?

Government of Canada Awards

·         Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

·         Canada Graduate Scholarships

·         IDRC Research Awards

·         NSERC Postgraduate scholarships

·         Organization of American States (OAS) Academic Scholarship Program

·         Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program

Non-governmental Awards in Canada

·         Anne Vallee Ecological Fund

·         Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships

Canada University-specific scholarships

·         Carleton University Awards

·         Concordia University Awards

·         Fairleigh Dickinson Scholarships

·         HEC Montréal BBA Entrance Scholarships

·         International Student Scholarships at Humber College Canada

·         Queen’s University International Scholarships

·         UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award

·         UBC Graduate Scholarships

·         University of Calgary International Scholarships

·         University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

·         University of Saskatchewan International Student Awards

·         University of Toronto Ontario Graduate Scholarship

·         University of Waterloo International Funding

·         Western University International Admission Scholarships

·         York University International Student Program

How can I find out, my educational background will be accepted by the Canada University?

There are two important factors that student’s educational background will be accepted by the Canadian universities, which are performance & grades of high school other one is proficiency in English language skills. Students will automatically selected for graduate or postgraduate level course if they have meet these two eligibility criteria.

What’s the usual application process for Masters level courses in Canada?

Students who want to apply for Masters level admission in Canadian university, they must have complete knowledge about admission criteria of that specific university. Each institution in Canada has their own rules and regulations for admission. Students can apply for any university directly from their online application process.

University will select the candidates on the basis of their outstanding educational performance and language skills. Students must follow these instructions to apply for Masters level degree program:

Step 1

Apply through online application system.

Step 2

Submit your important documents:

Educational credentials

English language proficiency certificate

Recommendation letter


Write a motivation letter

Essay; which explain why you want to study in Canada

International students must pay fee of international credential evolution fee to validate their qualifications.

What are the language requirements for international students to study in Canada?

The language requirements for international students to study in Canada are based on 5 diverse tests. International students who are not belong to English native speaker countries, they must have proof of English language proficiency. Mostly Canadian institutions require these tests to get admission in universities.

CAEL (The Canadian Academic English Language Assessment Test)

MELAB (Michigan English Language Assessment Battery)




How much money will I need during my Masters level studies in Canada?

International students who want to apply for Masters level courses in Canada can bare high expenses as compare to undergraduate level courses. The tuition fee of postgraduate level degree program are basically higher and depending upon the program you will selected. The average course fee for master’s degree program are based on CA$42,000.

Cost of living in Canada

International students living cost per month is based on CA$10,000 to 15,000 in which accommodation and food expenses included. If you will select big cities of Canada for study, then you will bare more cost on your living.

Students who are under 18 year old must live with a host family, which will be better option of them. The cost of living with host family is based on CA$650 to 800 per month. The host family will give meal to students with no extra charges. It’s very affordable cost of living for many international students.

Where do I apply for my student visa?

International students who want to study in Canada can apply for Canadian study permit through online application system. Students can get online application system information from the official of website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC):  Students can also apply for Canadian study permit through paper application, that process is quiet lengthy.

Students who want to apply through online application system, they must submit their all educational and related documents as picture form. Students must have credit or debit card to apply online for study permit. International students must visit their country wise visa office and find out which documents require them for online application for student visa.

Students must have university acceptance letter to apply for study permit. After got the university acceptance, students can apply and get the student visa permit. Students must select the Canadian university first where they will start their degree program.

Students submit some important documents for Canadian student visa:

Medical examination

Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

Completed application form

Real university acceptance letter

A legal passport/travel certificate

2 photographs recent passport size, students must write their name and birth date at back of this photo.

Evidence of financial maintenance during your studies

Explanation letter

Evidence that you submit the $150 fee and additional charges

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