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china top colleges and universities

International students should find increasing levels of investment in tertiary education to be a compelling reason to study in China.
The number of colleges and universities in China has doubled in the last decade to 2,409. The country’s current five-year plan, which extends to 2015, focuses on many development priorities that are appealing to western college graduates. And many Chinese universities are focusing on developing technologies that increase competitiveness with the West.

Colleges / Universities in Liaoning

Colleges / Universities in Beijing

Northeastern university

Tsinghua University

Liaoning University

Peking University

Dalian University of Technology

National Center of CERNET

Fushun Petroleum University

Beijing Education and Research Network

Shenyang Electric Power Institute

Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Shenyang Institute of Technology

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

China Medical University

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Dalian Railway Institute

Northern Jiaotong University

Liaoning Education and Research Network

Beijing Medical University

Anshan Normal College

China Agricultural University

Shenyang University

Beijing University of Technology

Dalian Martime University

Beijing Normal University

Shenyang Institute of Aeronautical Engineering

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology

China Criminal Police College

China University of Geoscience (Beijing)

Shenyang Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute

College of Arts and Sciences of Beijing Union University (Former Branch Campus of PKU)

Dalian Medical University

Yanjing Graduate Institute

Shenyang Polytechnic University

Renmin University of China

Liaoning Provincial College of Communications

Beijing Forestry University

Shenyang Pharmaceutical University

The Petroleum University(Beijing)

Jinzhou Normal University

Capital Normal University

Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

Captial University of Medical Science

Anshan Institute of Iron and Steel Technology

China University of Mining & Technology Beijing Graduate School

Liaoning Technical University

the Central Conservatory of Music

Colleges / Universities in Liaoning

Beijing Language and Culture University

Northeastern university

Center Radio & TV University

Liaoning University

Beijing Institute of Technology

Dalian University of Technology

University of Science and Technology,Beijing

Fushun Petroleum University

North China University of Technology

Shenyang Electric Power Institute

China Youth College for Political Science

Shenyang Institute of Technology

Capital University of Medical Sciences

China Medical University

University of International Business and Economics

Dalian Railway Institute

The Beijing New Asia University

Liaoning Education and Research Network

China Agriculture University-East

Anshan Normal College

Beijing Foreign Studies University

Shenyang University

Beijing Film Academy

Dalian Martime University

Beijing Broadcasting Institute

Shenyang Institute of Aeronautical Engineering

Beijing University of Physical Eeducation

Jinzhou Normal University

Shou Gang Institute of Technology

Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

Capital University of Economics and Business

Anshan Institute of Iron and Steel Technology

Beijing Information Technology Institute


China University of Political Science and Law

Colleges / Universities in Tianjin

China-USA Business University

Tianjin University

The Third Department of Beijing Oriental University

Nankai University

North China Electric Power University(Beijing)

Civil Aviation Institute of China

Foreign Affairs College

Hebei University of Technology

Beijing Institute of Graphic and Communication

Tianjin Normal University

Haidian University

China Tourism Management Institute

Beijing Institute of Petro-chemical Technology

Tianjin Medical University

Beijing Union University

Tianjin University of Commerce

The Central University For Nationalities

Tianjin Institute of Urban Construction


Tianjin Institute of Technology

Colleges / Universities in Mongolia

Tianjin University of Finance and Economics

Inner Mongolia University

Tianjin College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Inner Mongolia Polytechnic University

TianJin Radia & TV University

Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

TEDA International School

Baotou University

Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts


Tianjin Conservatory of Music

Colleges / Universities in Guangxi

Tian Jin Polytechnic University

Guangxi University


Guangxi Normal University

Colleges / Universities in Hainan

GuiLin Institute of Electronic Technology

Hainan Normal University

Guangxi Teacher's College

Hainan Medical College

Guangxi Education and Research Network

Hainan University

Guilin Institute of Technology

Qiongzhou University

Nanning Science & Information Network

South China University Of Tropical Agriculture

GuangXi University for Nationalities



Colleges / Universities in Hubei


Huazhong University of Science and Technology


Wuhan Technical University of Surveying & Mapping


Central China Normal University


Tongji Medical University


Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering


Hubei University