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Permanent Residency and Citizenship of Romania Criteria for Pakistani Students 2020

guide for Pakistani students to get the citizenshhip of Romania

The citizens of a non-UE / EEA State, particularly those who are in Romania on a study abroad program can stay in Romania and get their long-term residence permit in this state, however, they are required to meet certain conditions.

The applicant must have continuously stayed in Romania during the last 5 years. The stay is considered a continuous period if the absence from the Romanian territory is less than 6 consecutive months and does not exceed a total of 10 months

For international graduates or pass-out students, the length of stay for study purposes is calculated at half for the long-term residence. During this stay period, the applicant must have acquired the following means of support

Moreover, the people who are in Romania on a short-stay visa, or employment visa or the one obtained for the pursuing of seasonal work, their duration of stay in Romania on such visas are not taken into account

The application for establishing residence in Romania is personally submitted to the territorial units of the Office for Immigration. This application should be submitted in Romanian.


Documents needed to apply for the permanent residence permit of Romania 2020

• Civil Status Documents with Notarized copies

• Original and a copy of valid passport

• Supporting documents confirming the accommodation

• Bank statements or other documents proving the means of support

• A no-criminal record certificate or similar document issued by the authorities from the home country or by the Romanian officials.

• A medical certificate issued by a public or private medical institution proving that the applicant is not suffering from any contagious disease

• Proof of health insurance

Once a residence request is approved, the foreign citizen should return to the place where he filed the application. However, those who are already employed at any Romanian organization and have served the given years in the country can receive the permanent stay permit in Romania. The permit, in fact, begins when the residence was established and expires after 5 years. However, this permit may be renewed for more five years duration.


The Permanent Work Permit of Romania 2020

The international graduate from Romanian universities can take employment in the country if his work satisfies the employer with legal terms and conditions. Third-country citizens need a work permit to be allowed to work in Romania. To apply for a permanent work permit, your prospective employer must start the application process. Once the permit is issued, the employer keeps the original work permit and the employee will have a copy. After getting a permanent work permit, the applicant can also apply for a long-term visa at the Romanian diplomatic missions. This work and long term visa period will fulfil the 5 years stay in Romania condition. Thus the employee can apply for a permanent residence permit

Other options to get permanent residency in Romania include investment options and marrying a Romanian national


The Investment Option

The foreigners, who prove to have made investments of minimum EUR 1.000.000 or have created over 100 full-time places of work, can get the permanent residence permit with some terms and conditions. Moreover, if the applicant can invest €50,000 in a new or existing company which will create more than ten permanent jobs, he/she can apply for a long-term visa and then request for a permanent residency after 5 years living in Romania.


Marrying a Romanian Citizen

Moreover, if the foreigner marries a citizen or permanent resident of Romania, he/she can apply for residency. In addition, the married foreigner can apply for Romanian citizenship after living together in Romania for a period of 3 years.

 Refugees and asylum seekers also apply for Romanian residency or citizenship upon certain conditions

Non-EU citizens holding a permanent residence permit have the right to enjoy all benefits provided to the local Romanian citizens.

Citizenship in Romania can be acquired by four stated methods: birth, adoption, repatriation, and request.

Citizenship is granted to foreign citizen who has resided in Romania for at least eight years and has no criminal record. Applicants must also be at least 18 years of age and are fluent in the Romanian language. The study abroad consultants can also guide you in this regard.

Getting citizenship in Romania is also called naturalization. The process of naturalization has the following steps.

  • Application

  • Interview

  • Commission report

  • Oath


EU Blue Card for highly qualified employees

The EU Blue Card is issued to highly qualified non-EU citizens that reside and work in Romania permanently. This permit gives the holder the right of residence and works in any EU Member State.


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