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How is Italy as Study Abroad Destination

Italy is a beautiful cultural country with its own unique style and civilization. Unfortunately not many people are aware of Italy as study abroad destination still it attracts thousands of students every year to mover there for higher education. The reason why you have never heard much of Italy is because it does not have many top ranked universities of the world. However, it does not mean that it is a bas country for education. International students who went to Italy, making it their study abroad destination, claimed to have an amazing time, enjoyed every little detail of it and were satisfied of their decision of studying in Italy.
Italy is basically a Non-English country just like Germany and France. Their native language is Italian. I don’t think many students around the world like you can speak Italian good enough to actually attend and understand university lectures in this language. Since Italy wants itself to be a study abroad destination for international students, it offers English-Taught programs in which whole lectures and study work is done in English language as English in the most spoken international language. If you can speak that is even better and you can study in Italian-Taught programs as offered English-Taught programs are always limited in every country and there is a slight chance you might not get the course of choice.

Is Italy Up to the Mark for Quality Education?
Many people around the world claim that Italy’s education system is not up to the mark as their presence is not very big in all top universities ranking. However, I would have to disagree on this point. There are many countries like United Kingdom, Australia and Germany that has many of their educational institutes among the top 100 universities of the world. But it is a sour fact that it is not very easy to get admission in these universities as competition there gets very tough and every student wants to study at top university.
Now United States of America is currently considered the best country for higher education as it has the most top ranked universities of the world. There are over 4000 higher educational institutes in USA, if you don’t get admission in one of these top ranked universities then you will apply somewhere else which might rank lower. Here I have a question, would you rather study at a university ranked 700th in USA or at a university ranked 300th in Italy. I bet your choice would be Italy though Italy is not the best and top ranked country for higher education like United States of America. This proves my point that instead of judging a country we should scrutinize the university we are going to study in. You should find a nice university for yourself that provides quality education instead of selecting some country just because it is a brand. Italy is still ranked the 13th best country for Higher Education by QS Ranking Higher Education Systems.
You should really consider Italy as your Study Abroad destination that is why today in this article, I have mentioned all the best things about studying abroad in Italy and how is Italy as study abroad destination to broaden your knowledge and horizons of the world and to aware you that the world is bigger than just United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Quality Education:
As mentioned earlier, Italy is 13th best country for higher education system. It did not get this place without doing anything. To be able to be called one of the best higher education systems one has to work hard and day and night. Italian authorities have made sure to maintain a quality education in order to make itself more illuminant and attract internationals students.
Currently Polytechnic University of Milan is the top ranked university of the world it is ranked 183rd in the world. In addition, this university has proved itself among the most tops in specific fields like in Arts and Design it is ranked 10th best university of the world. Are you aware of the third oldest university often claimed be the oldest university in the world? Its name is University of Bologna¸ it is also situated in Italy and currently it is ranked 208th best university of the world. Sapienza University of Rome is the third most ranked university of Italy and it is ranked 223rd in the world. As you see there is also no shortage of good and universities in Italy and there are many more than just mentioned that are rivaling these institutes.

Rich Social Life:
Italy has a very gorgeous social life. Italian people are very friendly and to be able to enjoy their life is one of the best experiences you will get in your life. Italy has a very unique and high level of lifestyle. The way the whole country is designed, their architecture and their food is simply just astonishing.
In the city, there was often some event, so we had many possibilities to have fun, or travel. Our accommodation was also good. For me, the most important was that I met a lot of people from different cultures. I could practice my language skills and it helped me to grow up more.” – Student from Slovakia [Source]

Cultural and Full of History:
If you have every studied or seen the history of Italy or Rome in movies, you must be aware how attractive and dramatic its History is. You can find many places there that have an interesting history of their own. From the time when Rome used to be greatest civilization of the world and how it turned into ashes you can see it all there. One of the great things about Italy is they never left their culture that makes this country more and more beautiful.

Beautiful Country and Amazing Foods:
There can be found unlimited places for tourism and sightseeing. It is also among the best places in the world for tourism. They are also very up to date in fashion and has a great sense of style and arts. Many breathtaking sights like white sand beaches, cliffs along the coast, islands can be found there.







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