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Interview of International Students about their Life in Sweden

The exceptional reputation in educational sector has made Sweden one of world’s top countries to study abroad. Top Swedish universities have their own place in world’s top universities because of modernity in research and development programs. It has more than 60 higher education institutes. Every year a large number of students go to Sweden to make their career.
Here is an interview of three international Indian students studying in Sweden. One is Pushpanjali Bhardwaj who is studying Master Program in Applied Biotechnology. Second is Siddarth Mondal studying Master Program in Computer Science and Kailash Sing studying Master Program in Biology – Immunology. They are students of Uppsala University,that is a selective university with stringent academic demands.
I have written all the experiences they shared in interview about their student life in Sweden. At the end, I have also shared the video of their interview.

Pushpanjali Bhardwaj:                                       
"So, I searched and found Uppsala University within top 100 rankers in bio tech and I applied for the top ranked university in Bio tech that is Uppsala University. When I landed in Atlanta, it was like there were no people around, that was a bit shock. And yeah, when I came here, its beauty of nature was too good that we usually don’t get in our country. It is very clean here and everything."
Siddarth Mondal:
"First time I came here, I didn’t expect a lot of people who talk in English so I was thinking like it would be a slight problem.  But most of the people speak in really good English and they often reply you back in English. And the first time I came there was little bit of confusion on the roads because back in home the car won’t stop for you if you are crossing from the zebra crossing and over here all cars just stop, so the car just comes and I am standing and car is also standing and they asked to just move move move (laughing)."
"The teachers in our country are more formal, and here the teachers are more friendly. You can talk to them really casually, you can say them Hi, they are more like friends to us."
Pushpanjali Bhardwaj:
"And also the best is in India we used to have so many exams and we didn’t any break in between like only if we have break it’s for one day only and here we just have one exam for the whole course and then we are free and (laughing) that’s also good."
Kailash Sing:
"Whenever I used to send any email to any professor, I used to the “Respected Professor” and then just used write all the subjects and everything. So one of the professors, she replied that I am like very traditional Swedish and I don’t like you call me as respected professor, you should just call me by name and you can just say “Dear” and put my name there."
Siddarth Mondal:
"But, then the difference is that we have classes along with the Bachelor students and also PhD students. So, it’s a nice mix. So, it’s nice to study with all the people from all different backgrounds and learning the same course. That thing is not common in our country."
Pushpanjali Bhardwaj:
"Here the labs here are well equipped, they have everything which is required like to perform experiments. And the teachers, they make us to do experiments ourselves. They give us the protocol and they can guide us, so, we learn a lot from that because we put our brains in that and we have to do everything according to ourselves."
"Uppsala University itself has its own history. It’s form 1477, so, it’s very old university. All the big scientists are from here and so many Nobel laureates."
Siddarth Mondal:
"Uppsala University has lots of exchange programs and a lot students come from different parts of Europe and you get to mix with them and they study with us and you get good exposure to. It’s not like you just study with Swedish students, you study with students from Germany, you study with students from France and so many different places. So, it’s a nice exchange program."
"And also Uppsala is a student town and I haven’t experienced such a place before. Like, everywhere you just find students everywhere so many things are done by the students like so many student activities are there. So, everyone has something of their own interest going on around."
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Kailash Sing:
"One day before my presentation, I was preparing for my presentation and I didn’t know that outside the snowfall has already started. It wasn’t at night. And in morning when came out from like corridor and from the building, I saw that everywhere is white. Suddenly, oh, it’s white! I think, I can walk here. The first my step and I fell down. And as I told, I had a presentation so, I was carrying my laptop also with me. So, I was worrying about the laptop at the same time, it shouldn’t get cracked and something. So, I was keeping my steps slowly, each step thinking and taking it forward. At last, finally, I reached BMC and I took one and half hour, usually I take half an hour."
"And it was the very good experience for me and at the same time, I will not forget about how the people here are, like, they never bother about any other. If I am doing something, they won’t think what he is doing, they don’t mind about us. So, it’s a peaceful area like peaceful to stay here."

Video Interview:






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