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Is Studying Abroad of Pakistani Girls Safe? Here is Answer to All Your Concerns


Studying abroad have now become a trend among passionate Pakistani students. Almost every student that knows the value of education is now heading to a foreign country for better higher education and experience. Pakistan is thought to be a poor country of illiterate population in international community. I really appreciate this that now Pakistani students are thinking big and out of the box. However, still we are very conservative and narrow minded in some ways.

This is particularly the case when it comes to our women. We may say, that we love, respect and give all rights to our females but that is not exactly true even for highly educated people in Pakistan. Let me give you an example.

Would you send your brother or son to a foreign country for education if he demands? Not much to think here! Probably a YES if you can afford it. Now tell me, would you send your sister or daughter to study abroad if she demands? You are probably already thinking of excuses in your mind for a NO?

Why is it? Do you not value them enough? Most common excuse is the security issue. Girls won’t be secure in a foreign land. Anything could happen, who will protect them. It’s a dangerous world full of selfish beasts. Now let me tell you, it is still just an excuse with no strong foundation.

It may be easier said than done to wrong you. This is why I am writing today’s article. I will give you sound and logical reasons why we think like that. This is actually conservative thinking. After reading this article and watching the video shared below, all your concerns will be gone. That video is an interview of a Pakistani girl who is studying abroad at UNSW in Australia. She has clarified every little detail how it is for a Pakistani girl to study abroad. Let me first tell you, why we think like that and how it is safe for Pakistani girls if they go abroad for education.


Society’s Mentality

How we think and perceive things is dependent on our society. Our society has a much stronger impact on our life than we think. We talk how our society talks, we dress how our society dresses, even our definition of Good and Bad is also what Society defines. We unconsciously and indefinitely follow our society. If we don’t follow them, we will be considered bad people. They will think and talk bad about us. This is what we are scared of.

We all are a part of society and we have bounded each other with this fear. It may be hard for some people to understand but ‘what society thinks of us’, we have given it the name of “Ghairat” (honor). And when it comes to Honor, we are ready to even kill and die. 

Most of the societies in Pakistan are very conservative despite how considerate they may say they are. What society thinks is what we think. We need to break this border and calmly think what we want. What is good for us. Do we love our family more or the society. Do not let society’s short mentality destroy dreams of your loved ones just because they were born a girl.


Parent’s Concern

If you think that you are free and don’t very much care what society thinks and still having thoughts about your daughter or sister studying abroad, it is because you care about your loved ones. Of course, we always worry about our family, it is called love. With studying abroad of girls in view, you are afraid that something bad might happen to your family. It is an entirely legit reason why one doesn’t want to send a girl to a foreign country for education.

There is security issue. But believe me, it’s just in your mind. In the video below, Shumaila Amin Ali, studying in Australia, said that university provides accommodation and security to female students and whatever bad stories you may have heard are just unnecessarily exaggerated by media. Governments provides security to all international students. A girl is only as much unsecure as any boy.

If you are worried just keep a good contact and build trust with your daughter. Guide them how they can face the world and defend themselves. You won’t always be there to protect them. They need to learn how to be independent and this is a great opportunity. If you are concerned that she might adapt bad habits then just talk to them about it, how she needs to be and what she must avoid. A wise man or may be woman once said, “Without communication there is no relationship”.


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What Pakistani Girls Want?

Even thinking about studying abroad has been made very tough for girls. Some girls don’t even dare dream of this and some who does are too scared to even talk about it. After that comes the courageous who would share this dream with their family. I remember a female friend who once said I would study abroad but there is no chance my parents will allow it.

I also have a female friend (Pakistani) who recently completed her medical degree from china. She told me it was all thanks to her elder brother who trusted and supported her. There are many families in Pakistan who have sent their daughters to a foreign country for education and they are not fools. One of the most successful actress, Mahira Khan, also went abroad for education. Let them not be just a fashion idol. 


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Is It Really Safe?

Yep! It is definitely safe. I repeat again, it is just as safe and as risky as it is for boys. There are number of international students found in study abroad destinations just like them. Government always takes extra care of international students to protect their reputation. Police department is there, campus is there and moreover, friends are also there for each other. Now, following video will clear all your doubts.


Interview of Pakistani Girl Studying in Australia





Usama Ahmed Awan

The Editor of, Usama is a BZU studied Software Engineer, now  a Teacher, Article Writer, Educational Counselor and Journalist. He has been  writing to assist students selecting the right career path.


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