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Top ten Universities of Turkey for International students

International students who want to study in Turkey can apply for these top ten university in turkey. These universities ranked top in over the world for their outstanding educational system and research work.

Students who are planning to apply for universities in turkey, don’t waste your time in find out long list of Turkish universities. There are about two hundred universities in turkey so, firstly prefer these top ten universities of 2016.  Mostly universities situated in main cities of turkey which are Istanbul, Ankara etc.

Bogaziçi Üniversitesi

This university is ranked top in world best universities ranking report of 2016. Bogaziçi Üniversitesi was established in 1863 and located in Istanbul. The university language is English and the institute build up a strong connection with American Higher education system.

 Bilkent University

The university is ranked on 12 in world best universities raking report. Bilkent university was established in 1984 and situated in turkey. The university is known for its outstanding educational background.

Sabanci University

This university is on 13 position in all over the world for its higher education and research work. Sabanci University situated in Istanbul and about 42 percent students of universities receive scholarships.

Middle East Technical University (METU)

The institute is on 14th position in 2016 world best universities ranking report. Middle East Technical University is situated in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Most of the courses taught in English language.

Koç University

The university is established in 1993 in Turkey. Koç University is on 16th position in world best universities ranking report.

Anatolian University      

This university is established in 1958 as a not for profit government university. Anatolian University is located the city of Eskisehir. This university is recognized by the council of higher education YOK.

Istanbul Technical University

This university ranked top in world best universities ranking report. Istanbul Technical University is established in 1773. This higher educational institute is located in metropolis of Istanbul.

Istanbul University         

The university is ranked on top as world best universities of world. Istanbul University is situated in Istanbul and established in 1453.

Ankara University

This university is not for profit higher education government institute. Ankara University was established in 1946 located in Ankara biggest city of Turkey. This institute is ranked to as a world best university.

Ataturk University          

This institution is ranked top in world best universities. Ataturk University is established in 1957 and located in the small city of Erzurum, Turkey.


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