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Why Parents Won’t Let Study Abroad? See Their Concerns and Solutions


Studying abroad is a very big step to take. One has to face many hindrances on way in order to complete this dream. Sometimes, it’s the finances that get in the way because studying abroad can be very expensive and one don’t always get scholarships. There is another problem in the way of studying abroad of a student one just can’t ignore. The problems is consent of parents. 


Why Parents Won’t Let You Study Abroad?

Not all parents are brave enough to send their son or daughter to a foreign country even though they are adults. Parents love their kids, without a doubt, unconditional of their age. If you are 30, you will always be a kid for your parents. My elder brother still has to get parents’ permission if going out at night or out of the city even though he is 30 years old not to mention married. It’s respecting the love and worries of your parents.

Parents worry too much because they love us too much. Out of their respect and love, we also can’t go against their decision. Students should also respect this if parents are not letting you go abroad even if going abroad for education is better for you. Instead of fighting or disrespecting their decision, solution is to change their decision. 


How to Change Parent’s Decision?

Students should try to change the way their parents think. If you manage to change how they think of you and studying abroad, you will be able to change their decision. Once you change their decision, you won’t be affronting them, you will be able to accomplish your dream and on top of all that you will have parents’ blessings with you. 

So the question is, how do we change their thinking. In order change that, we first need to understand their concerns. What is it that they are afraid of, what are their worries and view of studying abroad and their kids. Once we have identified their concern, only then we will be able to change it. In this article, I have shared the most common concerns and fears our parents have about studying abroad of their kids. Read them and find out what is your parents’ concern and change it accordingly. I have also shared the link on Tips to Convince Your Parents to Let You Study Abroad.


1  -   Kid will Get Homesick

This is not only parents’ but students’ problem too. Homesickness is an issue and also an important one. Many students, irrespective of their age and no matter how strong they are, get homesick while studying abroad. At least they do in the starting weeks. Parents also fear that you will get homesick and their won’t be anyone for you. One thing I can tell you is that you won’t be alone.

You will find many other foreigners and you will make friends with whom you can share your feelings. Friends will be there for you. There is no such thing as distance in this age of technology. If you ever feel alone call your parents on Skype and also tell your parents this. Assure them that homesickness won’t be a problem for you because you will always be in touch.


Scared of Homesickness While Studying Abroad? Here are the Reasons and Solutions



2 -    Security Issues

It is a common fear among parents for their children even if they are living in the same city. Every day when we go to work, school or college, parents pray for our safety. It is not like studying abroad is dangerous it’s the fear of large distance that scares them. What you need to do is assure them that you are totally capable of taking care of yourself. Also assure them studying abroad is safe. I have never heard any news of foreigner students having security issues. It is a matter of global contacts and reputation, that is why government takes extra care of foreigner students in their country. 


3 -   Tough Lifestyle for Kids

Parents can be scared that their kid will have to live a tough lifestyle in a foreign country. You will have no family with you to take care of you and your health. You will live in a hostel and have to compromise on many things. You will have your studies and with that a job too as most foreigner students work part time to cover their financial expenses. If you have ever lived in a hostel or a boarding school then you must have experience in this field.

Anyway, it is not as difficult as it may sound. It may be a little unattractive at start but you get used to it with the passage of time. I think it is very important for personal growth that one live this lifestyle. I have lived this lifestyle and I can say with experience that if you know how to manage your time and follow a schedule, you can easily do everything. 


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4 -    They will Feel Alone

That’s the saddest part for students though it’s also a parents’ issue. Some parents don’t want to send their kids abroad because they (parents) will get lonely at home. Even when you are busy with work, parents do miss you. This is just the way they are. It is actually also adorable. We need to understand their love for us and assure them that it’s only for a little span of time. After completing studies, you are all theirs. Tell them, you will keep visiting home and will communicate with them regularly on Skype and Whatsapp. 


5  -    Kid will Adopt Bad Habits

One gets blend in the company he/ she lives in. Foreigner cultures, customs, values and lifestyle can be different from ours. Pakistani lifestyle is particularly unique. When you will go abroad, you will also adapt very much of their culture. Just make sure, you don’t follow the bad ones. By bad habits I am also referring to things that your parents may not like. Assure your parents that you are smart enough to know the difference of Good and Bad and won’t follow and won’t let anyone trick you into it.


Tips to Convince Your Parents to Let You Study Abroad





Usama Ahmed Awan

The Editor of, Usama is a BZU studied Software Engineer, now  a Teacher, Article Writer, Educational Counselor and Journalist. He has been  writing to assist students selecting the right career path.


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