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Best Places for Education in Europe

1 -   Germany
Germany is without a doubt one of the best of countries, not only in just Europe but the whole world, for education. Germany’s official and first language is German that is not very common in Pakistan unlike English, however, there is wide range of English taught courses particularly for international students. Most people in Germany can speak English so you will not have any problem communicating.
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Germany ranks 3rd best country in the world for higher education in QS Ranking of 2017. Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich of Germany is ranked 30th in world. Out of 16 states of Germany, 11 states provide free education, however, you have pay about 17,000 to 28,000 rupees services fee each semester. It is also cheaper than European countries on food, rent and other utilities.
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International students are also allowed to work part time on student visa and, unlike other developed countries, you don’t even have to buy any insurance unless you earn at least a specific amount monthly. Germany’s currency in Euro that is equivalent to 111.48 Pakistani rupees at the time of writing this article.

2 -   France
Unlike many other European countries that are totally rip off, France offers a very reasonable fee structure for all students studying there. Other international universities attract foreign students, so, they can charge them double or triple of normal fee. But France has same fee for both international and domestic students.
Average undergraduate annual fee for a Government University is about 20,000 rupees. However, a French private university usually charges about 314,000 to 1205,000 rupees annually.  Their official and first language is French but they are not 6th best country for higher education for nothing. They offer more than 1,100 courses in English-taught and have maintained a quality standard for it.

3 -   The Netherlands
It is the largest provider of English-taught study programs in Europe, with more than 2,100 international study programs. Their annual tuition fee of Bachelor's programs is between PKR 666,000 and PKR 1,665,000 and for Master’s programs between PKR 888,000 and PKR 2,220,000.
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“There is a vast international student community here and it is really awesome to be surrounded by people from all over the world. I couldn’t speak Dutch before coming to the Netherlands and I still can’t other than just a few words. But it’s not a problem because everyone there can speak fluent English,” says Peter Foulkes, a Law student in Netherland via the Guardian.
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There are more than 90,000 international students studying in the Netherlands. It is also cheaper for rent and restaurants compared to other countries. You will need about 10,000 to 12,000 Pakistani rupees per month for your expenses including rents, food, transportation etc.

4 -   Spain
Spain is also a beautiful country for higher education if you plan on going to Europe. Spain has a little different way of educating than other European countries. According an international student in Spain, professors teach like school teachers. Most of them won’t use power point slides but sit on a chair and communicate.
Their tuition fee ranges from 64,000 to 121,000 Pakistani rupees per year. There are more than 74 universities in Spain. 50 of them are public and the rest are private universities. Their official and first language is Spanish but they have particular English-taught programs for international students. Living expenses in Spain are also affordable.

5 -   Poland
Poland may not be as bright but still it is an option to consider because of their certain benefits. Poland may be the cheapest country in Europe for living expenses. Their first language is Polish and national currency is Polish Zloty that equals 25.21 Pakistani rupees.
If you have one of the European nationalities and capability of speaking Polish, you can get total free education there. However, if you are not European and can’t speak Polish then you will have to take English-taught program lectures that cost about 2 Pakistani Lacs annually.
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Their teaching method is also very impressive. Students are usually required to pre-study their topic of lecture as homework then in class they engage a critical conversation on the subject where everyone is required to participate. Student participation is very encouraged and there is no wrong answer or any embarrassment, it is just a different point of view.

6 -   Norway
Norway is very beautiful country of peace with lowest crime rate in the world. Another best thing about Norway is that their Education is free for everyone except for a few courses where some conditions may also. It is also a very attractive country for tourism with most breath taking sceneries. Around 15,000 international students are currently enrolled at Norwegian institutions of higher education.
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As good and attractive it may sound, its living cost is also higher than most countries in the world. Their official language and first language is Norwegian but most people can understand English. There are about 250 master’s programs and 250 bachelor programs taught in English.

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