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How Many Study Abroad Destinations Are There in Europe? Here See All Choices You Have and Their Ranks


You must have heard or seen some advertisement about studying in Europe. There are also many students who say that they want to study in Europe. If you are reading this article, you are most probably also interested in studying in Europe. It’s a good thing if you decide a study abroad destination before you actually start implementing your plans of going to a foreign country for higher education. However, Europe is not a study abroad destination. Europe is study abroad destinations.  

Europe is not a country. It’s a whole region with many countries in it. A lot of these countries have a proper higher education system and host international students. One just can’t say that he/ she wants to study in Europe and stop. It’s like, I am going to study in a university but not telling which. There is a total of 50 study abroad destinations. 


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Of all these countries, 21 study abroad destination are in Europe. All these countries are great and offer a strong higher education system for international students. Most European countries offer a lot more than United States and Australia. Most of European countries offer education either free or at a very low cost. United Kingdom is also a part of Europe. In this article, I have shared all study abroad destinations in Europe, their global Ranks and their top university. 


49 -   Estonia

Estonia may not be ranked good but still it offers many great opportunities for international students. It is stable country and ranked one of safest on planet. At present, there are 15 government universities in this country. All these institutes provide a good quality of education that fulfills all global requirements. 


Top University of Estonia:

Its top university is University of Tartu ranked 314th best higher educational institute by QS to study in 2018.


45 -   Ukraine

20th best European country for higher education, Ukraine was Ranked 45th best country to study abroad of world to study in 2017. There are over 800 institutes of higher education in this country. Because of so many universities, it is not difficult for international students to get admission here with a number of opportunities and options.


Top University of Ukraine:

Its top university is V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University ranked joint 382nd globally.


19 -   Poland

Republic of Poland is located in Central Europe and ranked 19th best study abroad of whole Europe. It is 43rd top country in world for higher education. There are over 500 universities in Poland. Study cost in Poland is also very low, it cost from 2 lac to 2.5 lac PKR per year to study a Bachelor or Master’s program in a public university. Here is complete guide for you to Study in Poland.


Top University of Poland:

It’s most top ranked institute in University of Warsaw, ranked 366th globally.


18 -   Greece

Greece is wonderful country to study abroad despite its not so good ranking in Higher Education System Strength. Greece is ranked 41st best country of the world to study abroad making it 18th best of Europe. Another great thing about Greece is its low tuition fees. Tuition fee in Greece institutes cost only about 1.8 lac PKR per year.

Top University of Greece:

Its top institute for higher education is National Technical University of Athens ranked 395th globally for the year 2016 – 2017 by QS Ranking.


17 -   Turkey

Half located in Asia and half in Europe, Turkey is also a European country and also a study abroad destination for thousands of students. There are currently over 48,000 foreigner students in Turkey. Turkey is ranked 39th best study abroad destination in the world. It is ranked 17th best European country for international students to study in 2017. There are about 200 public universities here.


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16 -   Czech Republic

Czech Republic is 16th best study abroad destination of Europe. There are over 39,000 foreigner students from all the around the world enrolled in the higher education institutes of Czech Republic. It has a very cheerful culture making an attractive environment for international students. It is ranked 38th best country in the world to study abroad.


Top University of Czech Republic:

Its top university is Charles University, ranked joint 314th.


15 -   Portugal

World’s 35th best country to study abroad, Portugal, is 15th best country of Europe to study in 2017. Portugal is also a nice study abroad destination though not very famous. It ranks even better than Saudi Arabia securing 35th position.


Top University of Portugal:

University of Porto is the top university of Portugal ranked 323rd globally.


14 -   Norway

Norway is ranked 32nd best country of world to study abroad in 2016 – 2017 which makes it 14th best of Europe. It is also among the most beautiful and peaceful countries of the world. Norway is also very famous as study abroad destination. Every year thousands of students go there for higher education. They offer education free of tuition fees.


Top University of Norway:

Its top educational institute is University of Oslo, ranked joint 142nd in the world.


13 -   Austria

Austria is 13th best country Europe has to offer for internationals students. It is ranked 29th best study abroad destination of 2016 – 2017, its proof and reasons can be seen in its universities. Austria is ranked the 3rd most peaceful country in the world making it a great place to live.


Top University of Austria:

University of Vienna is the top ranked educational institute of Austria with a global rank of 154


12 -   Ireland

Ireland is ranked 12th best country in Europe to study abroad. Three languages for communication used in Ireland includes English, Irish, and Ulster Scots. Ireland is currently ranked 25th best higher education system in world by QS HESS ranking. All of Ireland’s universities are ranked in the top 5% globally. You should also see How Ireland Provides a Unique Educational Environment.


Top University of Ireland:

Top ranked university of Ireland is University College Dublin that is ranked 176th of 2017 by QS ranking.


11 -   Denmark

Denmark is ranked 23rd best study abroad destination in the world. It is also 11th best country of Europe. Denmark just like any other top study destination offers a great deal of facilities and study programs for international students.


Top University of Denmark:

University of Copenhagen in Denmark is the best ranked university in the whole Scandinavian region and at joint 68th in the QS World University Rankings.


10 -   Finland

Finland is globally ranked 19th best study abroad destination of the world making it 10th best of whole Europe. One of the best things about this country is free education for all students even for foreigner students. Finland is home to some world’s best universities which provide the education in such innovative approach that is rare to find. Here see Best Benefits of Studying Abroad in Finland.


Top University of Finland:

University of Helsinki is the highest ranked institute of Finland at the global position of 91.


9 -   Belgium

Belgium is 9th best country of Europe for international students. Ranked 15th best study abroad destination in the world, Belgium hosts thousands of foreigner students every year. There are a lot of great universities here with a very good educational management.


Top University of Belgium:

The most top ranked Belgian university is KU Leuven that ranks joint 71st.


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8 -   Sweden

Sweden is 14th best study abroad destination in the world and 8th best of Europe. It is also beautiful country making it more attractive for international students. Here see Interview of International Students about their Life in Sweden.


Top University of Sweden:

Of all top universities in Sweden, Lund University is most top ranked with the position of joint 78th globally.


7 -   Italy

Though most famous for its fun lifestyle and parties, Italy is also 7th study abroad destination of Europe. It is among most favorite study abroad destinations because of its lifestyle. It is ranked 13th best study abroad destination Here see How is Italy as Study Abroad Destination.


Top University of Italy:

Politecnico di Milano, top university of Italy is ranked 170th in the world.


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6 -   Spain

Spain is a beautiful European country for tourism and it is also 6th best country in Europe for higher education. It is ranked 11th best country of the world to study abroad in 2017. Their main language is Spanish but they offer English-Taught programs for foreigner students.


Top University of Spain:

University Barcelona in Spain is ranked 156th best institute of the world and best of its country.


5 -   Switzerland

Switzerland is 5th best country in Europe to study abroad. Higher education system of Switzerland is ranked world’s 12th best country in higher education system strength ranking of QS. Zurich and Geneva are two Swiss cities ranked among top cities for international students.

For the year 2018, 4 Swiss institutes are ranked in Top 100 universities of the world in the latest ranking of QS for best universities. It is ranked the best higher educational institute of its country. Switzerland’s Higher Education System is now stunning the world!  Learn How to Study in Switzerland.


Top University of Switzerland:

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is ranked 10th best university of the world by QS.


4 -   Netherlands

Netherland is 7th best study abroad destination in the world. It has a higher education system that makes it among the top countries for students. Even the universities in Netherlands are ranked and admired globally. It is ranked 4th best study abroad destination of Europe. It is also home hundreds of international students and the number is still increasing.


Top University of Netherlands:

Its top ranked institute is Delft University of Technology currently ranked 54th best of the world.


3 -   France

France is ranked 6th best study abroad destination in world making it 3rd best in Europe. France can definitely do more than romance and fashion, after all, it is home of thousands of international students. French city Paris was ranked Best student city in the world for past 4 consecutive years. . France is home to a number of great universities that are ranked globally. 


Top University of France:

Its top university is Ecole Normale Supérieure that is ranked 43rd best of world by QS.


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2 -   Germany

Right next to United Kingdom in the list, Germany is 3rd best study abroad destination in the world. It is currently ranked 2nd best study abroad destination in Europe by QS. Germany offers the widest range of English taught courses. It is best country for higher education among Non-English countries.

We also can’t ignore the fact that higher education in German public universities is entirely free even for all international students. Germany is currently the fifth most popular study abroad destination with the third biggest population of international students. Do you know how Germany Attracted Fifth Biggest Population of International Students.


Top University of Germany:

Technical University of Munich is the top university of Germany with a global rank of 64.


1 -   United Kingdom

United Kingdom is one of the most visited conventional study abroad destinations. It is currently second best country in the world to study abroad. Everyone knows how great of a place it is for higher education hosting one of the biggest number of international students. 19% of total population of students in UK is international. There are over 105,000 courses taught in 700 universities of United Kingdom. United Kingdom is the best study abroad destination in whole Europe.

Top University of United Kingdom:

Top University of UK is University of Cambridge currently ranked 5th best of the world to study in 2018.


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Usama Ahmed Awan

The Editor of, Usama is a BZU studied Software Engineer, now  a Teacher, Article Writer, Educational Counselor and Journalist. He has been  writing to assist students selecting the right career path.


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