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Top 10 Countries with Most Expensive Healthcare, Must Know before Deciding Study Abroad Destination

Moving to Study Sbroad, students often forget to take the most important issue of their health into account. It is not like you never get sick, who knows how you blend in that foreign environment. Most developed countries have Healthcare systems as insurances for the good of their citizens.
Though, international students are not their citizens still they stay there for an average time span of 2 to 5 years. So, to save you and their citizens from contamination some countries have made it compulsory even for international students to buy a Healthcare insurance. If you don’t have to buy a Healthcare then it’s quite a lot more expensive than buying an insurance.
You will be glad to know that they charge a lot less if you are under the age of 25. Following are the top 10 countries with most expensive Healthcare, be sure to know keep in this mind when you decide a study abroad destination for yourself.

10 –   Canada
Ranked 10th for being expensive in Healthcare system, Canada charges about $4,351 per individual on healthcare and that works out to 10.2% of GDP. Under this, all provinces and territories of Canada will provide free emergency medical services. But there may be some restrictions depending on your immigration status. If you have an emergency, go to the nearest hospital and it will all be covered inside health insurance.

9 -   Luxembourg
Luxembourg delivers the 9th most expensive healthcare in the world. Luxembourg's healthcare system is one of the best in Europe. Per resident charges on healthcare stands at $4,371. Pharmacies can be identified by a sign displaying a large green cross. If you purchase non-prescription drugs from a chemist, you’ll pay full price. If your doctor prescribes the same products, your health care insurer will usually refund at least a part of the cost.

8 –   Austria
Austria ranks 8th as most expensive country for healthcare. Almost the whole country has health insurance with $4,553 being spent per individual. Their health is ranked 9th best in the world. It is said that 99% of Austria’s inhabitants are covered under medical insurance.

7 -   Demark
Denmark stands at 7th most expensive Healthcare system. Denmark residents spend $4,553 each on their Healthcare. If you are an international student and you plan to stay in Denmark for more than 3 months then you must obtain a Danish residence permit and register with the Civil Registration System. Click on the link for more details on Healthcare in Denmark for International Students.

6 -   Germany
Germany, though not very expensive for international students, stands at $4,819 per capita in Health expenditures and works out to 11% of GDP. It has the 5th best Healthcare system of the world. To study in Germany you need health insurance, however, that applies if you are working and earning more than 4,000 dollars month. You can attain health insurance from any registered health insurer in Germany. The membership fee is currently 80 euros a month for an international student in Germany for Healthcare.
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5 -   Sweden
Sweden is ranked 3rd as best and 5th as most expensive healthcare system in the world. Health expenditure in Sweden stands at $4,904 per person in the country that is the 11% of their GDP. Swedes also go to the doctor’s a lot less than any other country in the world.

4 -   Netherlands
Healthcare expenditure in Netherlands are at $5,131 per capita and that’s 11.1% of GDP. There’s a large number of public healthcare insurance companies in Netherlands, with different prices and different types of insurances. Only 1% of residents have no health insurance in this country.

3 -   Norway
Norway’s health expenditure for each resident stands at $5,862 and that represents 8.9% of its GDP. They have an average of about 17 nurses and 4 doctors per 1,000 resident. To be a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme, you must be registered in the National Population Register in Norway. If you are going to stay in Norway for more than one year you automatically become insured under the National Insurance Scheme when you register as a student at a Norwegian institution of higher education and as a resident in Norway.

2 -   Switzerland
Switzerland spent expenditures per capita is at $6,325 and that is about 11.1% of GDP for this country. They also have an average of about 17 nurses and 4 doctors per 1,000 resident just like Norway, however, their Healthcare system is considered a lot better than Norway. Any person living in Switzerland for more than three months must be covered by health insurance. The compulsory basic insurance covers medical treatment in the event of illness or an accident.

1 -   United States of America
As USA, has to be top in everything, they thought why be Best in Expense too. United States of America not only has the worst Healthcare system in major countries but also the most expensive as you call a rip off. Health expenses in USA per capita stands at $8,713.
Most college and university campuses offer some type of general medical care that is normally not very expensive. Private Doctors treat non-emergency patients by appointment during regular office hours, typically 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Minor emergency clinics do not require appointments, and are usually open on weekends and holidays.

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