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IELTS Band Scores

prepration and scores in IELTS in Pakistan

There is no pass or fail phenomena in IELTS exam. Candidates are evaluated by their performance, using scores from 1 to 9 for each part of the test- Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The result from the four parts then produce an overall band score.

This system measures scores in a steady way - wherever and at whatever point the test is taken. It is universaly perceived and comprehend, giving you a valid international legal tender. The validity period of IELTS scores is two years.

Band 9: Students with this brand score are talented users. They have fully operational command of the language: proper, precise and familiar with complete understanding.

Band 8: Students with this brand score are very good users. They have fully operational command of the language with just infrequent unsystematic mistakes and inappropriacies. Misunderstandings may happenr in new circumstances. It manages convoluted detail & contentions also.

Band 7: Students with this brand score are good users. They have operational command of the language, however with infrequent mistakes, inappropriacies and misconceptionss in few circumstances. Generally they handles convoluted language well and comprehends definite thinking.

Band 6: Students with this brand score are proficient users: Mostly, they have potent command of the language in spite of a few errors, inappropriacies and misconceptions. They can use and comprehand impartially convoluted language, especially in well - known circumstances.

Band 5: Students with this band score are modest user. they have limited command of the language, adapting to general importance much of the time, however is probably going to commit numerous errors. Ought to have the capacity to deal with fundamental correspondence in particular field.

Band 4: Students with this band score are limited user: fundamental skill is constrained to natural circumstances. They have persistent issues in comprehension and articulation. They are unable to use complex language.

Band 3: Students with this band score are extremely limited user: They conveys and comprehends just broad importance in exceptionally recognizable circumstances. Persistent failure in correspondence happen.

Band 2: Students with this band score are ntermittent user: no genuine correspondence is possible with the exception of most fundamental information using detached words or short formulae in recognizable circumstances and to encounter prompt issues. Has substantial problem understanding spoken and written English.

Band 1: Students with this brand score are non-user: Basically the have no capacity to use the language beyond potentially a couple of separated words.

Band 0: Did not endeavort the test: No assessable information provided.

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